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Art With a Purpose

Art With a Purpose

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Art With a Purpose

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  1. Art With a Purpose There are many different ways to use art to help those in the community and the world.

  2. How can you use art to help others? • Pick one of the following options to create a piece of artwork with a purpose. • You can do more than one, but you have to do at least one. • Some posters must be done by only one person, with others you can work with a partner. • All artwork is due on or before October 20

  3. Mason General Hospital Student Art Project • You can create artwork to be shown in patient rooms at Mason General • Artwork should be interesting, pleasing, colorful, calming, humorous, joyful and/or whimsical. • Artwork should be easily seen by bedridden patients • Should not cause dizziness • Should not show images of illness or injury like emergency vehicles or hospital scenes

  4. Lion’s Club Peace Poster Contest Create artwork to share the idea of World Peace. Check out the rules and some awesome student artwork at 2009 OMS Finalists Carly Blake Abby Pierson Lauren Dagle Heather Johnson Leea Harris

  5. The 2010 OMS Winner was Joeseph McGrew. His winning poster went on to win second place at the Lion’s Club District level, which includes most of Western Washington.

  6. 2009 OMS Winning poster – Heather Johnson

  7. 2008 OMS Winner Serena Ranney

  8. This year’s Peace Poster Theme is “Children Know Peace”

  9. Flu Prevention Posters • Create a poster to teach kids at school ways to prevent spreading germs • You can work with a partner on this poster if you would like.

  10. Harvest Hoopla Posters • Create posters to advertise the annual OMS Food Drive Extravaganza • You can work with a partner on this poster if you would like.

  11. School Bus Safety Poster Contest This contest won’t be held until the spring, but now is a great time to plan ahead. Check out rules and previous winners at The theme for the 2012 contest is: “Stand Back from the Yellow and Black!”

  12. 2011 OMS Bus Safety Poster Contest winner Alex Raymundo Valentin

  13. Do you have an idea for an Art with a Purpose project that you haven’t seen yet? See Mrs. Garner to discuss your idea.