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Sports image®

Sports image®

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Sports image®

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  1. Sports image®

  2. The Mission Statement. • The Team. • The Opportunity. • The Advantage. • The Market. • The Perfect Franchisee. • Item 19 (from the 2012 FDD. Some states are still on the 2011 version) • The Investment. • The Process. ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY. The Agenda…

  3. ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY. The Sports image ® mission.

  4. 4 MAJOR roles of the Sports Image Franchisor: • To continue to build the BRAND of Sports Image®; • To continue to SUPPORT the franchise base; • To maintain and develop relationships with manufacturers nationwide to get: • Best pricing • Best customer service • Unique, exclusive opportunities • To secure NATIONAL SPONSORS ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY. The continuing role of Corporate…

  5. Sports Image is offering the nation’s first SPORTS MARKETING FRANCHISE. • Sports Image can be defined in 2 ways: • A professional “ad agency” for grassroots organizations; or • A “booster club on steroids.” • We help all grassroots organizations (high schools, colleges, parks & recs, private leagues, etc) get free stuff (revenue & equipment) through our 6-phase system. ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY. The opportunity.

  6. ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY. Sports Image – Event management. • If desired, part of the Sports Image® franchise includes the ability to do EVENT MANAGEMENT. • Similar to Corporate’s Flyin’ to the Hoop, franchisee will learn Event Mgmt. (regardless of sport) in their territory whether it’s a local event or one made for a national stage. • Flyin’ to the Hoop ( has been ranked as #2 Basketball Showcase in the nation by CBS Sports / MaxPreps.

  7. The Nation’s FIRST (and currently only) Sports Marketing Franchise helping schools & grassroots organizations; • A Turnkey system to help with anything an organization can come up with – but with the flexibility to suit your needs; • SIMS – Customized Web-based Sports Image Management System • Registered Trademark nationwide; • Never get bored with the “same old-same old;” • Preferred Vendor Program provides corporate buying power and unique customer service for each franchisee including our new program “The Big Score”; • Potential Corporate Sponsor partners on the regional and national level; • Ongoing revenue streams from the contracted relationships that are built; • Personal satisfaction in helping and giving back to your communities – while earning a paycheck. • 2 BIG territory options (territories defined by counties): • GRAND SLAM Package (70-80 high schools and colleges) • HOME RUN Package (40-50 high schools and colleges) • We give “free stuff” – who can pass that up? • The Bottom line: A low-cost, home-based, (big) exclusive territory franchise involving sports and helping your community on a daily basis that builds a reoccurring revenue stream through renewals. ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY. The advantage.

  8. Sports Image started by helping schools in our own backyard and then, through referrals, started helping organizations across the country…from here in OH. • If we can help organizations from a far, how better can we help them if their was a franchise in their own backyard like we are in Dayton? Thus, we started franchising because… • Name a city in the country that isn’t going through funding issues w/ their schools, parks, etc… • The market it WIDE OPEN for this….and there are 5 main revenue streams: • Equipment / Revenue Projects • Online Initiatives (The Big Score) • Events – both Management & Sponsorship Sales • National Accounts Program • Consulting ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY. The Market.

  9. ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY. The perfect franchisee. The Key Traits: • Great communication/networking skills • Creative & motivated self-starter • Experienced in sales • B2B sales in particular - Not afraid to cold-call • PASSION in what we do! • WE WANT THE “HUNTER” type of personality! • Highly organized • Good computer skills • Understands business ownership • Backroom and showroom duties • Can work alone and/or build sales team • Husband/wife teams have done well • Enjoys community involvement and a passion for all things sports!

  10. ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY. Item 19.

  11. ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY. The investment (2 packages)

  12. Initial Franchisee Investment* * Numbers shown are for GRAND SLAM Package. HOME RUN Package is $10,500 less ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY.

  13. Broker calls to see if territory is available • Broker then submits Franchisee Application • We can supply ours --- just ask. • Corp SI will contact candidate to talk about: • The Opportunity and • Their Qualifications • Ask them to attend Discovery Day • Follow-up calls/consultation by Corporate & Broker to award territory. ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY. The process.

  14. Any Questions? Jerry Pollio Franchise Futures 1.866.826.0103 ....Taking the PAY out of PLAY.