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Service Data Flow (SDF) PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Data Flow (SDF)

Service Data Flow (SDF)

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Service Data Flow (SDF)

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  1. 3GPP Service Data FlowsLTE / HSPA / EPC‘knowledge nuggets’Neil Wiffen - nwiffen@red-banana.orgMore free downloads at Seminar details –

  2. Service Data Flow (SDF) • EPS provides IP connectivity between a UE and a PDN • PDN Connectivity Service • Supports the transport of one or more Service Data Flows (SDFs) • SDF • An aggregate set of packet flows that matches an SDF Template • SDF Template • The set of SDF filters in a PCC rule • SDF Filter • A set of packet flow header parameter values/ranges • Used to identify one or more of the packet flows constituting an SDF

  3. Service Data Flow (SDF) Filter • Filter based on packet header characteristics • IP header only • Source / destination IP address • Protocol ID • Type Of Service (TOS) / Traffic Class / Flow Label • IPSec Security Parameter Index (SPI) • Individual values or ranges • IP + Transport Layer header • Source / destination port numbers • Individual values or ranges • IP + Transport Layer + Application Layer • E.g. application version information / state information • May be used to support filtering with respect to a service data flow based on the transport and application protocols used above IP • These filters must be pre-configured in the PCEF

  4. SDF filters PGW Outgoing Packets for SDF 1 A A B A C B C Incoming Packet Flow PCEF Filters for SDF 1 C A B Filter for SDF 2 Packet Headers match filter A,B or C Outgoing Packets for SDF 2 Rule processing (gating / credit control / authorization etc.) QoS Control Filter evaluation (e.g. pattern-matching)

  5. QoS Concepts in the EPS EPS EUTRAN EPC S-GW P-GW External PDN ENb One or more SDFs (PCC controlled) PDN Connectivity Service One or more EPS bearers (NAS/EPC controlled)

  6. Bearer QoS Parameters for Scheduling • QoS Class Identifier • Class of service per bearer • Guaranteed Bit Rate • Maximum Bit Rate • Allocation and Retention Policy • Aggregate Maximum Bit Rates • UE-AMBR - limited by a subscription parameter in HSS • APN-AMBR - limited by a subscription parameter per APN in HSS • HSS defines the 'EPS subscribed QoS profile' • Contains bearer level QoS parameter values for the default bearer • Defined for each PDN subscription context

  7. QCI Characteristics

  8. Default Bearer for IMS Signalling • QCI = 5 • P-CSCF details • Provided as Protocol Options from PGW / MME • Or P-CSCF ‘discoverable’ in PDN • PGW configured for routing to IMS platform • PCC rules support SIP/IMS signalling

  9. EPS Bearers and QoS • QoS is controlled at the EPS bearer level • All traffic mapped to the same EPS bearer receive the same bearer level packet forwarding treatment • Providing different bearer level packet forwarding treatment requires separate EPS bearers • One EPS bearer is established when the UE connects to a PDN • Remains established throughout the lifetime of the PDN connection • Provides always-on IP connectivity to that PDN • Default bearer • Additional EPS bearers can be established to same PDN connection • Dedicated bearers • Distinction between default and dedicated is transparent to the SGW and ENB

  10. QoS and TFT EPS Bearer with defined QoS UL Traffic Flow Aggregates DL Traffic Flow Aggregates UL QoS managed by ENB ‘router’ UL / DL QoS managed by ENB scheduler SGW PGW UL TFT DL TFT RB ID  S1 TEID S1 TEID  S5/S8 TEID UL TFT  RB ID RB ID  S1 TEID S1 TEID  S5/S8 TEID S5/S8 TEID  DL TFT Packet Filters - applied to each uplink IP-datagram (QoS control) Packet Filters - applied to each downlink IP-datagram (QoS control) DL QoS managed by SGW ‘router’

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  12. Washington DC: Atlanta GA: Dallas/Austin TX: What clients say about us: „We are very proud of our products and so it is important to us to have complete confidence in the people who represent us before our customers. Neil Wiffen’s ability to develop unparalled levels of enthusiasm for his subject matter is a key reason for selecting him as our preferred supplier of out-sourced customer training... In deeply technical areas he is able to convey both the micro and the macro levels of detail, skilfully creating the overview which provides the context for the crucial nuggets of detail.” Andy Richards, Operations Manager, Anritsu Ltd. Register now at: