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Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation. By: Jessica Bouchea Prob and Stats Coach Green.

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Summer Vacation

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  1. Summer Vacation By: Jessica Bouchea Prob and Stats Coach Green

  2. Summer vacation is around the corner. I want to visit the nicest place, but also get all that I want from a vacation at a fair price. There are ten different locations I have chosen and have done some research on. I’m excited to go on my summer adventure with just me. I will be leaving on June 5, 2009 and returning on June 12, 2009. The airline I am using for each destination is Delta and I’m departing from Atlanta.

  3. Flight ResearchFor my research I used Priceline.com. It allowed me to search my destinations and find all the information I needed.

  4. Miami • Distance: 595 miles • Departing flight number: 2003 • Roundtrip cost: $177 • Time: 9:40pm – 11:38pm 1h 58mins

  5. New York City One stop to Raleigh N.C. Departing flight number: 1610 From Raleigh N.C. to N.Y. 786 miles Departing flight number: 6428 Total Distance: 356 miles Roundtrip Cost: $293

  6. Honolulu • Distance: 4491 miles • Departing Flight number: 803 • Roundtrip Cost: $787 • Time: 10:pm – 2:15pm 9h 25mins

  7. Daytona Beach • Distance: 366 miles • Departing flight number: 5541 • Roundtrip Cost: $ 249 • Time: 8:21am – 9:45am 1h 24mins

  8. Los Angeles • Distance: 1940 miles • Departing flight number: 110 • Roundtrip Cost: $344 • Time: 7:30am – 9:03am 4h 33mins

  9. Myrtle Beach • Distance: 316 miles • Departing flight number: 5340 • Roundtrip Cost: $ 250 • Time: 8:05am – 9:23am 1h 18mins

  10. London Distance: 4217m Departing flight number: 812 Roundtrip Cost: $794 Time: 5:35pm – 7:00am 8h 25mins England

  11. Acapulco One stop to Mexico City Departing flight number: 363 9:15am – 11:44am From Mexico City to Acapulco Departing flight number: 8037 9:10pm – 10:05pm Total distance: 1521 miles Roundtrip Cost: $717 Total time: 13h 50mins

  12. Bahamas One stop to Nassau, Bahamas Departing flight number: 373 9:43pm – 11:59am From Nassau to Georgetown, Bahamas Departing flight number: 385 2:15pm – 2:55pm Total distance: 878 miles Roundtrip Cost: $760 Total time: 5h 12mins

  13. Rome One stop to Paris, France 4382 miles Departing flight number: 52 10:55pm – 1:45pm From Paris, France to Rome, Italy 683 miles Departing flight number: 8618 9:45am – 11:50am Total distance: 5065 miles Roundtrip Cost: $974 Total time: 20h 0mins

  14. Shortest to Longest Distances 4 1 – shortest 10 - longest 2 9 3 7 1 8 6 5 10

  15. Least to Most Expensive 1 4 1 – least 10 - most 8 2 5 3 9 6 7 10

  16. Scatter Plot of Estimated & Best Fit Lines estimated actual

  17. Persuasive Essay. I chose Honolulu as my destination because it is one of the farthest away for a good price compared to the other destinations. Dear Mom and Dad, My senior year is coming to an end and graduation is almost here. For my gift I would really like to go on a big trip to Honolulu, Hawaii for a week. You are probably thinking it’s very expensive and with college coming up, but I found a great deal that’s worth it. I promise to find a place to stay that is safe and is cheap. I really hope you consider it and I could even bring a friend with me! Love, Jessica

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