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Ingredients Used in Natural Skin Care Products PowerPoint Presentation
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Ingredients Used in Natural Skin Care Products

Ingredients Used in Natural Skin Care Products

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Ingredients Used in Natural Skin Care Products

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  1. Ingredients Used in NaturalSkin Care Products It's not too easy to know, what is good for your skin. You must know about the source of ingredients used in your favorite skin care products. GenesisRenew Products are all formulated by using only Natural Ingredients.

  2. Green Tea Green tea has a number of benefits that can help in removing signs of skin anging, such as sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines. It undergoes minimal processing and retains more nutrients. Genesis Renew Revitalizing Lifting Serum is formulated by using green tea extracts to restore skin elasticity.It has also strength to lift and plump facial skin.

  3. Almond Oil There are a number of benefits that we can get from eating almonds. But we can also use it as a skin care product and also as a medicine for treating skin disorder. Almond oil provides good result for dry, flaky and irritated skin.

  4. Natural Glycerin Some of the benefits that we can have by using Glycerin: Improved Skin Appearance: With the use of Glycerin on the skin, the skin looks healthier and more attractive. It helps in removing dead cells. Moisture Absorption: It has the ability to absorb and retain the moisture from air to keep the skin moisturized and well-toned. The products having these ingredients has the ability to improve the hydration of outer layer skin. It helps to prevent and combat dry skin.

  5. Aloe Vera is a cactus plant, it has been used medicinally for centuries.Aloe leaves, releasea clear Aloe Gel which is a perfect remedy for Sunburned Skin. When Aloe Vera gel is applied on to skin, it works as a protective layer that helps to retain moisture. Aloe Vera and Fruit Extracts are used to strengthen and soothe the skin in the under-eye region. Aloe Vera

  6. Vitamin E Oil Vitamin E oil also contains other ingredients such as coconut oil to make it right viscosity to be used. Get the maximum benefits of Vitamin E by using organic skin care products.

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