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Terrible Taxes

Terrible Taxes

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Terrible Taxes

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  1. Terrible Taxes By: Jake M. Wade People’s money is sucked up by taxes every year. Why does the government need so much? Is it necessary?

  2. Terrible Taxes When you are low on money, taxes eat it like Pacman. When your money is eaten by taxes like Pacman you go on the streets. When you go on the streets bad people see you. When bad people see you, you end up in a dumpster with two black eyes. Don’t end up in a dumpster with two black eyes. This is not exactly what will happen to you, but it very well could.

  3. Poverty Problems People are sent to the streets every year. The government says they will stop it but they started it, and are not fixing the problem. The money people make belongs to them not the government. In our free country we should keep a good portion of our money. In 2001 Bush did it and now President Obama is doing it; procrastinating. The same this a seven year old does when he doesn’t wan to do his homework. Think Should hard working people go through this?

  4. Protectors and Protected Not to mention the poverty that taxes cause, but they need to be used wisely. The protectors (Army, Police, etc.) are getting too much money. I am not saying take the safety services away but dial them down a bit. Because of the protectors, the protected (public) are left with disgusting conditions.

  5. Public Problems In my school most kids bring lunch and only, if ever, buy chips and ice cream from the cafeteria. The broccoli is grey and the tater tots are solid. I could go on but this is just bad food. Here is what my friend, Jack, said when I interviewed him about cafeteria food. Q: Do you like school lunches? A: No, only the waffles, slightly. Q: Do you recommend the waffles? A: No. Q: Does the food taste fresh? A: No, only the fruit, a little.

  6. Public Problems Q: Would you say it is high quality? A: No. Q: Are the bathrooms clean? A: There are clean ones like at the gas station. Q: Are there any other problems? A: Yes, low quality toilets and toilet paper. Q: Do you think of the bathrooms as quality? A: NO, not really. Where is the quality in this? The bad thing is it isn’t only my school, but many!

  7. Public Problems Another problem is the bathroom. The sanitation level is at a zero and spiraling downwards! People around the world get sick year round, but they don’t think it is tied to taxes. Our money goes into these people’s salaries and this is what we got? Now, whose fault is this? You and I both know. Think Is this quality?

  8. Is this really needed? Our Presidents (over the past few years) have made promises. Promises that get them into office. But when reaching their goals the promises fade in their minds. They fix small problems and ignore big ones. People protest against taxes all the time but the President ignores. At this point the President is better at ignoring than he is at fixing problems. He is good with the protectors not the protected.

  9. Conclusion So to conclude, your money is being misused everyday. It’s time to take it back. What do you think?

  10. Power Words • Sanitation: Cleanliness • Congress: A group that professionally discusses problems of our country. • Government: Processors of a political group.

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