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GIA - The rating for quality diamonds PowerPoint Presentation
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GIA - The rating for quality diamonds

GIA - The rating for quality diamonds

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GIA - The rating for quality diamonds

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  1. Gem Dynasty selling fine diamonds since 1980

  2. What Are GIA Wholesale Diamonds? Every industry has its standard for excellence, and the more prestigious the industry is, the higher the standards become. The diamond industry offers some of the most expensive and sought after products in the world. The guidelines for excellence in the diamond industry need to be very high. The widely accepted standard in diamonds is the GIA rating system Anyone who buys or sells diamonds needs to be familiar with this system. But it would also be a good idea for anyone considering an investment in diamonds to become familiar with how the rest of the industry discusses the quality of its products.

  3. What Are GIA Wholesale Diamonds? GIA wholesale diamonds are broken down into several categories. Those categories include carat weight, clarity, color and cut. When you take this rating system one element at a time, then you can better understand its intention and how it works. For example, the carat weight grade is a basic number that is not as arbitrary as some of the other numbers in the system are. The most important thing to remember is that people who want the very best in their diamonds should always take the time to become familiar with the rating system. It does not matter if you plan on buying one diamond, or several.

  4. What Are GIA Wholesale Diamonds? Los Angeles wholesale diamonds are normally graded using the GIA system. One of the truly helpful elements of this system is that it is more of a scientific grading method as opposed to being a method based on opinion. For example, to develop an accurate grade for clarity, there are very specific guidelines as to what kind of equipment must be used and what settings have to be used to get the proper ratings. Clarity ratings are determined under 10x magnification of a very specific kind of microscope. There is little room for variation on these kinds of classifications.

  5. What Are GIA Wholesale Diamonds? While it does take an expert to have a GIA rating officially recognized, a diamond enthusiast can utilize the system to make his own determinations about the quality of a stone. As long as you follow the very precise guidelines of the GIA rating method, then you will be able to get a much better idea of what kind of stone you are dealing with. When quality wholesalers, such as the ones that work out of Los Angeles, need to talk diamond quality with customers all over the world, they use the universally recognized GIA standard rating system. For more details visit