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Investors in Pupils PowerPoint Presentation
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Investors in Pupils

Investors in Pupils

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Investors in Pupils

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  1. Investors in Pupils Every year group has interviewed a different person in school! Foundation stage interviewed the lunch time helpers, Year 1 interviewed the site manager, Mr Redfern. Year 2 interviewed our Head Teacher, Mr Cunliffe and Year 3 interviewed the catering staff, our cooks. Year 4 interviewed our administration staff, Mrs Graves, Mrs Howells and Mrs Pigula. Our Year Fives interviewed two members of the teaching staff, Mr Marriott and Mrs Rossington and finally Year 6 interviewed two school governors, Mr Gandee and Mr Harris.

  2. School Governors What do they do and why do we need them? They work 5-10 hours a term and they are split into two groups. As a governor you sometimes have to ask hard questions to other governors. There are three types of governor, parent governors, teacher governors and community governors. They are volunteers so they don’t get paid. Most governors already have a job so it’s hard work being governor but they only meet three times a year so it works out all right. Mr Gandee is one of our school governors, when he came and talked to us we asked about being a school governor and what you do. We also asked a few personal questions like if you could have a different job what would it be he answered “I would like to be a P.E. teacher”. by Tay, Ellie, Will, Lana H, Molly L and Alex H Every school needs governors - it is the law. School governors help the school spend its money correctly and on the right stuff. There is normally a group of governors called the governing body. They are very important to the school because they set the teachers wages, even the head teacher’s. However, school governors don’t actually get paid themselves, it’s a voluntary job. They also look at different years groups to see how they are getting on. To be a governor you need to write a bit about yourself and then be elected by parents. After three years you need to be re-elected to stay governor.

  3. Mrs Johnson is amid day supervisor • Mrs Johnson likes her job and seeing smiling children. • Mrs Johnson looks after the children at lunchtime and also helps the teachers with jobs. • Mrs Johnson tries hard to remember everyone’s name. • Mrs Johnson wears a red coat so that the children can find her easily.