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  1. Saboteur Matthew Glasscock 3rd period 11/01/13

  2. By Ha Jin In 1949, the Communists established the People’s Republic of China under military her Mao Zedong. During Mao’s Cultural Revolution, many political figures were removed from power, imprisoned and sometimes executed.

  3. Theme • My interpretation of the theme is let karma take it’s course. Taking revenge is not always the best thing to do. If someone does something wrong then they will be repaid what they are due.

  4. Plot • A Chinese man, Mr. Chiu, and his wife have just gotten back from their honeymoon and were eating and waiting for a train back to their home, when rude police officers threw a cup of tea on their feet. Mr. Chiu knowing this was wrong confronted the police officer, causing a public disruption. For causing the disruption the officers took Mr. Chiu to jail. The jail told Mr. Chiu that to earn his freedom he had to sign a paper saying that he had done wrong. At first he refused but then he lawyer tried to come to his rescue, his lawyer was captured and was tied to a post out back and was tortured. Mr. Chiu agreed to sign the papers in order to get him and his lawyer free. For revenge for they had done to him, Mr. Chiu went around to the surrounding restaurants and spread his hepatitis virus.

  5. Characters • Mr. Chiu- He is the main character, he is a 34 year old lecturer at Harbin University, with hepatitis • Chiu’s Bride- Pale face woman with wire glasses • Policeman 1- Stout man who threw tea on Mr. Chiu and his brides feet, also tortured Mr. Chiu’s lawyer • Chief of the Bureau- Thin, bald man who told Mr. Chiu he had to sign the paper to get free • Fenjin- Mr. Chiu’s lawyer and he gets torture at the jail.

  6. Conflict Conflict • A Chinese man is done wronged by the police. When all he did was speak up for himself.

  7. Resolution • Mr. Chiu signs a paper saying that he did wrong just to get free, and takes his revenge by spreading his hepatitis to the surrounding area.

  8. Memorable Passage • "Your name?" the chief asked, apparently reading out the question from a form. • "Chiu Maguang." • "Age?" • "Thirty-four." • "Profession?" • "Lecturer." • "Work unit?" • "Harbin University." • "Political status?" • "Communist Party member."

  9. Questions • Did Mr. Chiu live? • Did hepatitis get to any police officers? • Does Mrs. Chiu have hepatitis?

  10. Interesting…. • I find it interesting that hepatitis can be spread through coughing, touching and many other ways.