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Audrey Hepburn sleep mask PowerPoint Presentation
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Audrey Hepburn sleep mask

Audrey Hepburn sleep mask

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Audrey Hepburn sleep mask

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  1. Tips for Buying a Sleep Mask The general perception is that the purpose of a sleep mask is to keep the eyes covered and the light away when sleeping or resting. But in reality, there is much more to that and if you buy one out of impulse without careful thought and consideration of your specific needs, you might just have one on your hands that does not meet your expectations.

  2. Here are a few tips for buying a sleep mask. • The Purpose – Sleep masks are not simply for blindfolding. Some are padded and serve as eye pillows being thicker and softer than the traditional sleep masks. Then there are compression masks, cooling masks, and magnetic masks. If there is a specific reason that you have for wearing a sleeping mask, buy one accordingly.

  3. The Materials – Sleeping masks are generally made of cotton, silk, and satin with the last two giving a comfortable feel to the skin. Before buying a mask, find out if the material will make you feel hot or cool and whether it will irritate your skin. A high-quality Audrey Hepburn sleep mask is made of satin and there is nothing to beat it for comfort.

  4. The Shape – The shape of the mask is critical, more so if you move around in your sleep. Ordinary masks will shift on your face giving you inadequate sleep. This is not so for people who sleep on their backs. You can also buy sleep masks with cavities over the eyes that will enable you to open your eyes and see total darkness. • These are some of the factors to keep in mind when buying a sleep mask.