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On-demand Car Rental Technology

Get Keyfree offers Self-service Car Rental Technology and other like On-demand Car Rental Technology and Peer-to-peer Car Sharing Technology.

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On-demand Car Rental Technology

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  1. On-Demand Car Rental Technology


  3. Keyfree Technologies is a Toronto-based company pioneering communication technology that leverages the smartphone to connect to vehicles. Key free offers a “digital key” solution that enables secure, smartphone-based access to vehicles for fleet and consumer applications. The system involves a device installed in the vehicle with a supporting smartphone application and cloud-based infrastructure.

  4. Digital Car Keys App • Keyfree Technologies, www.getkeyfree.com, a Toronto-based provider of communication technologies that connect smartphones to cars, recently announced it has launched a digital car key solution for consumers at the Consumer Electronics Show. Like other apps stored on a smartphone, such as maps or calendars, Keyfree says a consumer’s digital car key will be stored right on his or her device. • In addition to a smartphone equipped with the Keyfree app, the solution requires a small device installed in the vehicle that connects to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. The digital key technology will detect the smartphone’s presence as the user approaches her vehicle and unlock the doors. Keyfree says the vehicle can then be started with a push-to-start button.

  5. CONTACT US 56 Aberfoyle Crescent Suite 500 Toronto ON M8X 2W4 Canada Info@GetKeyFree.com Email ID (888) 456-1121 https://twitter.com/keyfree https://www.facebook.com/getkeyfree https://www.linkedin.com/company/keyfree-technologies-inc-

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