the world came to our house today n.
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The world came to our house today PowerPoint Presentation
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The world came to our house today

The world came to our house today

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The world came to our house today

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  1. The world came to our house today

  2. Introduction • Today I want to tell you about the place where I was born. For me it is the best city in the world. I know every corner of the city and can tell a lot about him. But today I will not tell you about my life in this city. I'm going to talk about the largest enterprises. So, I want to talk about Kirovograd.

  3. Brand “Formula Smaku" - officially registered trademark, which brings together manufacturers of bakery and confectionery products , and is a major regional player in the bakery market of Ukraine. Under the brand name “Formula Smaku" has 8 bakeries in four regions: Cherkassy, ​​Poltava , Kirovohrad and Mykolayiv regions. Every month our businesses , which employ nearly 10,000 people, made ​​about 10 thousand tons of bread . Total stock of companies that operate under the brand name “Formula Smaku" is more than 300 species and 400 bakeries - confectionery.

  4. “ChervonaZirka“- Kirovograd agricultural machinery plant . The main products of the plant - seeding and tillage equipment: drills , cultivators, disc harrows . • The company was founded in 1874 by the English - brothers Robert and Thomas Elvorti . In 1877 they built the first industrial building in which manufacturing of drills and other machines. Was active in the construction of the plant. In the eighties of the nineteenth century factory Elvorti was the first and the only in the Russian Empire. By the end of 1917 it employed more than 7,000 people. In 1927-28 the plant began exporting drill in the Middle East. The main products of the plant - sowing machine.

  5. "Hydrosila" - a leading industrial enterprise engineering industry in Kirovograd. A plant makes hydroelectric generators for tractors building-travelling and other mobile machines.Export potential and geography of realization of the marked type of products increase constantly. About 85% products are supplied outside a country, including more than 40% to Russia.With the Kirovohrad brand complete the machines of Krasnoyarsk combine, Minsk, Volgograd tractor plants.

  6. The public is Incorporated Joint-stock Company, "Scientific, and Productive Enterprise of Radiy ", was founded in 1954 . A company is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of products of high-tech in the field of automatic control and defence of nuclear facilities . A scientific and technical collective counts 1,300 workers, from what 300 highly skilled developers, allows companies to create the systems that combine a high yield with a maximal comfort and lightness of high functionality of the use, and modern design.

  7. Conclusion • I want to say that you are the one who sits on the other side of the screen, and now reading this should visit the city of Kirovograd. This city is also known as Little Paris, and for good reason. When you arrive in Kirovograd you will be surprised seeing different, very beautiful architectural building. Also you can taste delicious bakery and visit the most famous factories. You will be interested, I promise. And, also you must buy something in Kirovograd and you will remember your visit toour town. Never fear to buy our products because their quality isgreat and price is not expensive.

  8. That is all. Thanks for attention.