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Moto Mad

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Moto Mad

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  1. Moto Mad By Cole

  2. Beep! Beep goes my alarm clock. “Time to hit the track,” I say. Brrmm, as I start my motorbike. “Oh wait, I forgot to have break fast. I can’t have fun with an empty tum I always say.” So I get some bread and put it in the toaster and turn the dial to three.

  3. Pop goes the toaster. I grab my toast and plaster a big bit of peanut butter on it. Yum! Crunch! Munch! as the toast has a journey down my throat. Now lets go!!

  4. Brrmm, brrmm, I start my motorbike again. I race down to my secret track in the forest. Crack! “Huh!,” I thought. “I say is some one there?” “It is probably just a rabbit I think.” While I am busy popping wheelies a man steps out with a camera.

  5. But I did not notice him. His eyes sparkled with amazement. He took a couple of photos and videos and ran off ….. This is how my story began.

  6. Brrmm! Brrmm! Was the sound of the motorbikes. A lady walked past and stood in the middle where there was a gap but motor bikes surrounded her. It was a race and I was in it! She was holding a sign which said 10. In five seconds she flipped it over and it said 5. In another five seconds she put it down and we raced off.

  7. We headed for the judder bars. I popped a wheelie right over them. We came around a corner and hit a straight and I thought this was my chance to get in front. A second thought struck my mind and told me perhaps I should wait a little……

  8. I’m just about to hit a jump and BOOM! I crashed and flipped over the handle bars in a flash. I groaned as the bike landed on top of me. “This is not good,” I said to myself. My bike was wedged on my legs so I had to use all of my strength to remove it and get it standing. The hardest part was starting it again because it was flooded…

  9. No fooling around this time! I raced in top gear, full throttle and I came up to another straight … now it was my chance to get in front. I came to second place it was a tight squeeze. I got close to the guy in front. The crowd was screaming. Yay! The crowd screamed It was a tie! Time for the next race. The lady walked past again and did the same thing. The race was on again! We came to a jump and I did a back flip and I came drifting around a corner.

  10. I raced to the judder bars and we come up to a straight. We raced through the straight and raced around another corner and sped through the next straight. “This time I will win for sure.” I thought to myself. For a minute I was next to the guy in the lead, just a little bit further and I would be in the lead. We’re coming up to the finish line… yes! I have won! “Travis Pastrina has won the cup,” the umpire says “Woo Hoo!” I yell. Someone passes me a wine bottle. I shake it up and take the top off and squirt it every where.