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Adopt-A-School Program Purpose : PowerPoint Presentation
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Adopt-A-School Program Purpose :

Adopt-A-School Program Purpose :

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Adopt-A-School Program Purpose :

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  1. . Adopt-A-School Program Purpose: -To provide support to a local school Grades K-12, on a consistent basis that makes a difference in the management, operation and performance of the school. -Support can be defined as grants, volunteers and sponsorship that should be applied to improve the student’s performance at Fort Belvoir Elementary School. Characteristics of Fort Belvoir Elementary School: Fort Belvoir School is one of the largest elementary schools in FCPS and the Washington Metropolitan area serving nearly 1200 students in kindergarten through grade six.

  2. . Adopt-A-School Program The media center includes three instructional reading areas; a large children’s library collection; a TV studio; and on-line catalog, circulation, and multi-media stations. Designated as a Model Tech School, the facility is fully networked for Internet access and equipped with the latest technologies. There are three stationary computer labs, three mobile wireless computer labs and several computers in each classroom. BOTTOM LINE: AFCEA Belvoir annually we do our best to support the needs of the administration thru consistent conversations and meetings either lead by YAFCEANS, Executive Vice-President, Education Chair or President. AFCEA BELVOIR provide funding and support to make a difference in the lives of the Children, Teachers and Administration.

  3. . • Our GOLDEN RULE: To support the Administration….Make their lives better! • Fort Belvoir Elementary School: • Computer science lab ( chairs, tables, desk) $35,000 • Staples Gift Cards for Teachers $10,000 • Smart Boards for all rooms $78,000 • Sponsorship for National Science Fair $3,000 • 3D Printer for Science Lab $5,000 • Temporary Shed for storage $1,500 • Biannual support to FBES $2500 • Projector for Science Lab • Clown for Open House • YAFCEANS Summer Mentorship • YAFCEANS Support to Science Fair

  4. . • Adopt A School Program • Over $100,000 in support to the School • 78 Smart Boards Installed • National Science Center Van setup for 5 days • AFCEA Lab established • $10,000 in Gift Cards for Teachers • Fort Belvoir Elementary School being Granted a $1.5 Million Science|Technology|Engineering|Math …………………….. • PRICELESS

  5. . AFCEA Belvoir annually donates over $200,000 grants and scholarships. Our Adopted School Fort Belvoir Elementary School Includes outfitting a computer science lab, $10,000 in Gift Cards for Teachers, YAFCEANS Summer Mentorship Grants to Prince William County Schools and sponsorship of the Science Fair AFCEA Belvoir Chapter – Supports the Fort Belvoir Community : Major Supporter PEO EIS, INSCOM, Defense Logistics Agency , Army Cyber Command, Defense Threat Reduction Agency , National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency , DTIC, PEO Soldier AFCEA Belvoir Chapter sponsors : YAFCEAN Program that holds Quarterly events –Led Ashley Becker Small Business Program that holds Quarterly events –Led by Marilyn Moysey Educational Program that works with the Prince William County and Fairfax Schools System that is Led by Reginald Vaughn Our 2012 Initiatives includes incorporation of an IA Track in our Industry Program - Led by John Mays AFCEA Belvoir Staff annuallyhosts PEO-EIS Industry Days at the National Harbor Mar 19-21, 2012 Presentations include PM overviews, AASLT, Army Cyber and G6 overviews (invited)and the season’s kick-off Golf Tournament