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Perfect Window Blinds by Room Type PowerPoint Presentation
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Perfect Window Blinds by Room Type

Perfect Window Blinds by Room Type

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Perfect Window Blinds by Room Type

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  1. Perfect Window Blinds by Room Type

  2. Kitchen: Window blinds by a sink need to be easy to clean and resistant to warping from humidity. Fauxwood and aluminum blinds are the easiest to clean. Master Bedroom: Blackout shades, or any shade with a blackout feature should be used in the master bedroom. Layer window treatments, such as cellular shades with draperies for extra style and functionality. The draperies will block any bit of light that tries to creep in when you are trying to sleep in.

  3. Master Bath: Humidity does not always adversely affect any quality window treatments, even wood blinds. However, if the window treatment gets direct water pressure, vinyl is best. For additional privacy, consider those blinds without route holes. If you are using vertical blinds, consider the inherent approximately 1/2" gap below the vertical vanes near the sill, and determine if that is enough privacy for you-especially if the window is near your bath tub.

  4. Nursery: Of utmost concern is safety. Make sure your blinds have the latest safety features, and that cords are not near cribs. Be sure that if you choose vinyl miniblinds they are purchased from a reputable company that tests for lead in paint as children have been known to chew on blinds' slats. Darkening the room is a common goal, so blackout cellular shades are perfect. Blinds with the routless feature, where the route holes are not present, make for additional light blockage

  5. Media Room: Blackout cellular shades and blackout roller shades are the most popular options for Media Rooms. Some can even be made with side rails to eliminate all light. If you choose blinds, make sure to upgrade with the routless so that the light does not pierce through the route holes. Study: For a tailored look that is not too fussy, shutters and wood blinds are appropriate. If the study faces the street, choose the same products that are in other street-facing windows to create consistency.

  6. Living Room: The most popular choice for living rooms or formal seating areas is wood shutters. Wood shutters are the ultimate window treatment, almost like furniture for your windows. They are stylish and easily customizable. Fauxwood shutters are also a great option if real wood shutters are out of your price range. For an elegant room, consider sheer draperies. They are still in vogue and popular. Designers frequently use them to camouflage less elegant unattractive blinds.

  7. Eliminate Light blinds: