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  2. FIT CHALLENGE CREATORS! Jennifer Michelis

  3. FIT CHALLENGE! Two Women Battling Their Weight OBESITY ANOREXIA

  4. THE FIT CHALLENGE! Both made a decision to give this thing called “Herbalife” a try…

  5. THE FIT CHALLENGE! And it was a decision that changed their lives forever!


  7. THE FIT CHALLENGE! One in the business 15 years, the other 15 months…But both had a vision to create something BIG…..

  8. WELCOME TO THE FIT CHALLENGE! And then it happened and now you are a part of it!WELCOME TO YOUR 24FITChallenge!

  9. MEET YOUR COACHES Kathy Xavier Christy Rick Jennifer John Mary Maryla Stephanie William

  10. MEET YOUR COACHES Kevin Scott Rick Tracy Kimiko Dean Andrew Robert Stephanie Robin

  11. MEET YOUR COACHES Will You Be Next??? Imagine Your Picture Here!!!ALL IS POSSIBLE!

  12. THE FIT CHALLENGE! Now Let’s Introduce Herbalife Cellular Nutrition & Discuss YOUR Wellness Evaluations


  14. FIT CHALLENGE! What Is Cellular NutritionThe human body is composed of between 50 and 70 trillion cells. Your body is designed by its creator with its own intrinsic capacity to repair, heal and renew itself.

  15. FIT CHALLENGE! But how well your cells function, and the quality and integrity of the new cells your body creates, depend on the nutrients they are provided on a daily basis. You are, indeed, what you eat. Cellular nutrition is simply the strategy to provide the cells with all the nutrients they need at optimal levels.

  16. FIT CHALLENGE! The cells can then decide what they need to function optimally. It puts the wisdom of the body to work by providing what it needs. Give the body the right nutrition and it will take care of itself.

  17. FIT CHALLENGE! Based on ongoing research now led by Dr David Heber at University of California, Los Angeles' Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Laboratory, a patented program of nutritional supplements have been developed and successfully used over the past three decades by tens of millions of people all over the world. This cellular Nutrition is known as..


  19. FIT CHALLENGE! The cells can then decide what they need to function optimally. It puts the wisdom of the body to work by providing what it needs. Give the body the right nutrition and it will take care of itself.

  20. FIT CHALLENGE! Your Body Requires 114 Essential Nutrients Daily Herbalife Makes Getting All Of Them As Easy As 1-2-3! Formula 1- Macronutrients Formula 2- Micronutrients Formula 3- Absorption Get with your coach to get samples & start your healthier life today!

  21. FIT CHALLENGE! Formula 1- A nutritional shake drink that can replace or complement a meal, depending on your health status. This provides the body's cells with all the macronutrients it needs e.g. proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and fiber.Formula 2- A multivitamin/mineral tablet that supplies the cells with their micronutrients: vitamins, minerals and trace elements along with vegetable extracts.Formula 3- A herbal capsule called cell activator that promotes optimal cellular function while protecting the cell from damage. These help the cells make the best use of the ingredients in the nutritional drink and the tablet described above.



  24. FIT CHALLENGE! This is a Typical Diet to get Sick, Overweight and Die at an early age. EXCESSES DEFICENCIES


  26. American Medical Association. FIT CHALLENGE! U.S.A. Statistics are alarming! A.M.A. For the first time in history a 5 year old child is not expected to outlive their parents. The Obesity in our Children Is considered an Epidemic!

  27. FIT CHALLENGE! 2008 2000 1995 2010 1990 Obesity in our youth is now an Epidemic!

  28. 280 kcal FIT CHALLENGE! 1120 kcal “Old Days” Hamburger Double Burger with Cheese Increased Burger Size

  29. FIT CHALLENGE! 1950 2009 630 kcal 100 kcal Classic Cola 8 fluid oz 52 fluid oz Increased Corn Syrup Calories

  30. FIT CHALLENGE! *Timed 1-Mile Run*Timed as many reps as possible: -Push-ups -Sit-upsSame assessment is completed on final day of fitness challenge to track improvements & determine the 24 FIT CHAMP!!*** If you missed this class on Monday, get with your coach before you leave today. Monday: Physical Assessments

  31. FIT CHALLENGE! If you don’t raise your hand. It looks like this…<<< Everyone Should Have Their Evaluation Form

  32. FIT CHALLENGE! *1st – Make sure you have the correct form with your name on it and your wellness coaches name. If you are not sure who your coach is, see me after this presentation.* COACHES = the people leading and helping you during camp*WELLNESS COACH = The person that invited you to the camp and will help you achieve your nutritional goals!

  33. FIT CHALLENGE! Hopefully you all have taken a “before” photo of yourself. If not, get one. You will be changing in the next four weeks..

  34. FIT CHALLENGE! WEIGHT Its Just A Number. Look at this

  35. FIT CHALLENGE! 5 pounds of muscle vs. 5 pounds of fat This is why you can not accurately assess your progress by just weight. You are losing fat while gaining lean muscle.


  37. FIT CHALLENGE! Body Fat %


  39. FIT CHALLENGE! Body Water %

  40. FIT CHALLENGE! Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water daily!

  41. FIT CHALLENGE! Muscle Mass The weight of muscle in your body. Muscles play an important role because they act as the body’s engine in consuming energy (calories). As you exercise more, your muscle mass increases, which in turn accelerates the rate of energy or calories consumed. Increasing your muscle mass will raise your metabolic rate, helping you reduce excess body fat and lose weight the healthy way.

  42. FIT CHALLENGE! Physique Rating • 1 Hidden Obese • 2 Obese • 3 Solidly-built • 4 Under exercised • 5 Standard • 6 Standard Muscular • 7 Thin • 8 Thin & muscular • 9 Very muscular

  43. FIT CHALLENGE! Daily Cal Intake • This is the number of calories you should be eating a day. • It’s hard to believe that sometimes you need to eat more to lose more. Once your body thinks is will be fed enough daily, it can get rid of the fat it’s storing. • If you reduce your calorie intake by 500 a day for seven days, you will lose 1 pound a week.

  44. FIT CHALLENGE! Metabolic Age • Metabolic age is different from chronological age. • Your chronological age is your age by calendar years. • Your metabolic age depends on your metabolism or overall chemical processes of the body, which is based on your health. • If your metabolic age is lower than your chronological age, you are fitter or in better health than average. If your metabolic age is higher than your chronological age, you are less fit and healthy than average.

  45. FIT CHALLENGE! Bone Mass

  46. FIT CHALLENGE! BONE DENSITY COMPARISON Low Bone Density Healthy Bone Density

  47. FIT CHALLENGE! Visceral Fat – Is the fat in the abdominal cavity (Stomach) surrounding the vital organs 1-12 is acceptable healthy range 13 to 59 is unacceptable and changes need to be made in your lifestyle

  48. FIT CHALLENGE! Today:Based on Your Evaluations Your Coaches will Place You Into Two Groups • Unstoppable- High Impact! • Transformers- Low Impact! • ***** You can move from group to group if you feel your group is too high or too low in impact


  50. FIT CHALLENGE! Next 3 Weeks • Commit yourself to meet for 1 Hour 3X’s Weekly • Don’t be afraid to ask questions • Work at your own level • Push yourself and others to do just a little more • Remind yourself, why you are here • We will End each class with a personal development quote & a group cheer- “WE ARE 24FIT!”