solar water heating n.
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Solar Water Heating PowerPoint Presentation
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Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating

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Solar Water Heating

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  1. Solar Water Heating By Luke McKenzie

  2. History of Solar Water Heating • There are records of solar collectors in the united states dating back to 1900. Around the 1900’s people started to use the suns energy to heat water. The world saw a rapid growth after 1960.

  3. Why is solar water heating considered an ‘alternative renewable’ energy source? • Solar water heating is considered an ‘alternative renewable’ energy source because the sun is never going to run out of energy.

  4. Explaining how the Technology works • Water is pumped through pipes in the panel. The pipes are painted black, so they get hotter when the sun shines on them. The water is pumped in at the bottom so that convection helps the flow of hot water out of the top.

  5. What are the energy transfers and transformation that produce the energy? • Energy comes to Earth from the sun in two main forms that we can use directly, heat and light. We use heat energy for solar heating and we transform the light energy into electrical energy.

  6. What are advantages of the alternative energy compared to traditional fossil fuel such as coal, petrol or diesel? • Some advantages are that you are not polluting the Earth, and you will save money on your electricity bill. A disadvantage is that they are very expensive to buy.

  7. How has modern technology enabled the alternative fuel to progress? • Modern technology has enabled solar water heating to progress because scientists have discovered how to get solar power to heat water systems.

  8. What new types of employment opportunities exist because of the alternative fuel industry? • Renewable energy career numbers rise daily all around the world.

  9. Where in Australia and the world is this type of energy being promoted and used? • All of North QLD energy is bagasse and not solar power, the middle of Australia is solar, most of South Australia is wind power. In 2010 Australia hydro power was 63.4%, wind power was 22.9 %, solar was only 2.1% and bio gas was 11.5%.