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“Translating Innovation into Practice”

“Translating Innovation into Practice”. Gypsy Traveller Health Project in Angus. Workshop Outline. Introduction Quiz Project presentation Recommendations. To improve access to healthcare services for Gypsy Travellers in Angus. What is meant by the term Gypsy Traveller?.

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“Translating Innovation into Practice”

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  1. “Translating Innovation into Practice” Gypsy Traveller Health Project in Angus

  2. Workshop Outline • Introduction • Quiz • Project presentation • Recommendations

  3. To improve access to healthcare services for Gypsy Travellers in Angus

  4. What is meant by the term Gypsy Traveller? Those groups of Travellers in Scotland who variously refer to themselves as Travellers, Scottish Travellers, Scottish Gypsy Travellers or Gypsy Traveller people. This includes English Gypsies, Irish Travellers & European Roma. Scottish Gypsy /Traveller Strategy: CRE Scotland 2006

  5. Quiz • To set the context • To dispel myths about the Gypsy Traveller Community • To introduce information about Gypsy Traveller Health • To introduce the legal context

  6. Health Status of Gypsy Travellers Gypsy Travellers suffer significant health inequalities, even when compared with other socially deprived or excluded groups. Sheffied University 2004

  7. 2 Council run sites 18 families 20 families Unauthorised sites Road verges Disused land Houses Gypsy Travellers in Angus

  8. Health Worker • 2 days per week • Visit authorised & unauthorised sites • Determine health issues • Signpost to local services • Gypsy Traveller multi-agency liaison group

  9. Issues

  10. Accomodation • Lack of legitimate stopping places • Council sites full • Lack of housing • Not welcome on holiday sites • Being moved on & associated stress

  11. Lack of knowledge about services Lack of information on how to contact services Health information can be difficult to understand Difficult to keep appointments GP far away / No GP Go to MIUs if feeling unwell Discrimination at some health centres Health

  12. Education • Children attend primary school when settled • Few attend secondary school • Some areas provide an education outreach service • Experiences of bullying & discrimination

  13. Environment • Access to water • Access to toilets • Safety of area / location of sites • Abuse • Rubbish • Animal faeces

  14. Contact with other agencies

  15. Patient Record of Personal Health

  16. Patient Record of Personal Care

  17. Conclusions • Trusting relationships take time to build • Beginnings of addressing health issues • To address health inequalities requires sustainable committment • Importance of multi-agency working

  18. Recommendations • Build on initial work and introduce preventative healthcare education • Further site provision given high priority • Multi-agency training & awareness raising to tackle discrimination

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