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Dental Implants PowerPoint Presentation
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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

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  1. 5 ThingstoAskYour DentistAbout DentalImplants

  2. Dental implants are an advanced teeth restoration option. Dental implants are metal posts or casings that are carefully positioned in the jaw beneath your gums. Once set, they enable your dental specialist to mount replacement teeth on them. DentalImplants? 2 Formoreinfo:

  3. 5 Things to Ask Your Dentist About Your Dental Implants 1.What Is the Procedure? 2.How will a dental implant benefit my oral health? 3.What happens if a missing tooth is not replaced? 4. How long does it take to get installed? 5. How long do implants last? Whatistheprocedure? 5ThingstoAsk Whatarethetypesofdentalimplants?Isitsuitableforme? YourDentistAbout Howlongdoesittaketogetinstalled?Howlongdodentalimplantslast? DentalImplants 3

  4. 1)WhatistheProcedure? • Scanning the actual position of the tooth to be replaced by X-ray, CT scan. • Removal of the infected or damaged part. • Correction of sinus or bones. • Measuring the crown size. • Inserting the dental implants to support the prosthesis. • Healing and Osseointegration. • Fixing overlay dentures on the implants. 4

  5. 2)How will a dental implant benefit my oral health? • It is suitable for anyone who has healthy gums and jawbone. However, • some people need to avoid opting dental implants. They are: • Leukemia • Diabetes • History of chemotherapy or other radiations • Smoking habits • Excessive alcohol intake • People with the above conditions should not be advised dental implants. 5

  6. FR 3)What happens if a missing tooth is not replaced? When a tooth is lost and not replaced, people may experience difficulty chewing foods, and their jawbone may deteriorate faster, increasing the risk of decay and gum disease and losing neighboring teeth. The remaining teeth may shift, causing bite problems, and the facial skin may sag and create an uneven smile. 6

  7. FR 4) How long does it take to get Installed Itusuallytakes1-2hourstoinsertonedentalimplant.Ifmultipleteetharetobeoperatedanditisacomplexprocedure,thetime takenmayriseto3-4hours.Implyingthatthetimetakentoinstallanimplantdependsuponthecomplexityoftheprocedure. 9

  8. FR 5) How long do Dental Implants last? The lifespan of dental implants depends • Lifestyle habits • Oral hygiene • Overall health conditions If cared for properly, they may last up to 7 to 13 years. 10

  9. Conclusion Dental implants makes your teeth look like normal teeth. It is easy to replace missing teeth. After your dental implants, it is always appropriate to adopt a good cleaning routine to freshen up your mouth. Cleaning them is also easy. Our expert Gill dental dentist provide dental implants treatment in Perth. And we also provide dental payment plans for you to choose from. Feel free to contact us. 11