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  1. Product and Policy Overview X-Series UNINSURED XCEED Mortgage Corporation HELPING CANADIANS MAKE IT HOME

  2. MCAN Mortgage Corporation • Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Toronto • Listed on the TSX (symbol: MKP) • Is a reporting issuer in all provinces and territories in Canada • Is a Loan Company under the Trust and Loan Companies Act, and is therefore an OSFI-regulated financial institution • Qualifies as a mortgage investment corporation (“MIC”) under the Income Tax Act (Canada) • Issues term deposits that are eligible for CDIC insurance • Recently added origination capabilities via its wholly-owned subsidiary, XCEED Mortgage Corporation (“XCEED”) [1] For further details, refer to MCAN’s Description of Business in 2013 Annual Report [2] Definitions used above: TSX = Toronto Stock Exchange; OSFI = Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions: MIC = mortgage investment corporation; CDIC = Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

  3. Core Operations Corporate Mortgages | Four Main Asset Classes • Insured single family • Uninsured single family • Construction • Commercial Core Markets for Commercial & Construction • Greater Toronto Area • Greater Vancouver Area • Greater Calgary Area • Greater Edmonton Area Markets for Single Family • Across Canada, major and medium centres

  4. Mortgage Portfolio (As at December 31, 2013) Corporate Mortgages by Type Total Corporate Mortgages: $861.6 million (up 16.5% from $739.8 million at Dec-2012)

  5. Mortgage Portfolio by Province (As at December 31, 2013) Total Single Family Mortgages: $401.2 million Construction and Commercial Mortgages:$460.4 million

  6. Introducing New XCEED Uninsured Mortgage Solutions: X-Series X-Series is a new, fully-featured, uninsured mortgage solution suite from XCEED that is available to select Master Brokers across Canada. X-Series solutions highlight property as the cornerstone of XCEED’s uninsured lending philosophy, that allows Canadians with unique circumstances to attain or preserve home ownership. XCEED Mortgage Corporation 2014

  7. Product Highlights: 1, 2 and 3-year fixed terms. Up to 80% LTV on owner-occupied properties; 75% LTV on rental properties. No minimum Beacon score. 90-day rate hold on purchase; 30-days on refinance. Up to 30-year amortization. Fully-featured mortgage solutions: 20/20 prepayment privileges. XCEED uninsured mortgages can be paid out at any time for any reason, with penalty. XCEED Mortgage Corporation 2014

  8. XCEED Offers Flexibility: We cap administration fees of 1% maximum into principal balance of mortgage, when possible. No hold-back for property taxes, which means we offer your client even more money at closing. These features offer clients an increased cash-out amount on refinance transactions or a lower down-payment on purchase transactions. For example, average property taxes on a $500,000 home in Toronto are 10%, or $5,000, per year. A six-month tax hold-back would equal $2,500 and a 1% admin fee would equal $5,000. XCEED is able to offer your client $7,500 more on principal amount, to be used towards things like debt repayment and home improvements. XCEED Mortgage Corporation 2014

  9. XCEED Offers Peace of Mind: Free Home System Warranty Insurance from XCEED Mortgage Corporation and Encompass Home Service™ for the first year of two and three-year mortgage terms and the first six months of one-year terms! Worth up to $10,000 annually in eligible home repairs to home systems, such as central heating and air conditioning, electric, water heater and plumbing. XCEED Mortgage Corporation 2014

  10. XCEED Offers Opportunity: Up to 80% LTV on single family properties, including apartment condominiums in major centres, and 75% LTV on rentals. XCEED will allow secondary financing up to 90% LTV. Broker-driven private funds are welcome! XCEED Mortgage Corporation 2014

  11. XCEED Offers Growth: Clients with lower Beacon scores, such as those between 500 and 600, do not always have a wide range of options when it comes to home financing. Finders Fees 10BPShigher than other lenders 1-year terms: 60 BPS 2-year terms: 70 BPS 3-year terms: 85 BPS XCEED Mortgage Corporation 2014

  12. XCEED Customer Profile Here are just a few examples of the clients we can offers solutions to, who might otherwise be excluded by other lenders. : Client #1, who is gainfully employed with verifiable income, yet has damaged credit due to a major life event and a Beacon score in the low-to-mid 500s. XCEED can offer this client a refinance or purchase deal to 80% LTV. Client #2, who is self-employed and unable to confirm income via traditional means. He has a Beacon score between 525 and 625. XCEED can offer this client a refinance deal to 75% or a purchase deal to 80%. Client #3, owns 10 rental properties and has been denied by other lenders for this concentration. XCEED can offer her a refinance or purchase deal up to 75% due to her strong credit. XCEED Mortgage Corporation 2014

  13. Case Study #1 Summary: Co-applicants with credit challenges who are purchasing a condo in a major urban centre. XCEED APPROVED this deal at 80% LTV for a one-year term at 5.25% with 1% administration fee deducted from the advance. • Deal Purpose • 80% LTV • Purchase • Employment • Main applicant – employed full-time for the last 12 months in a Management occupation • Co-applicant – student, not working • Residence • 10 years at current residence • GDS/TDSR • 32.96%/38.82% • Property and Location • Owner-occupied • High-rise apartment condo • Toronto, ON • Credit • Main applicant: Beacon 577; Consumer’s Proposal discharged two years ago, no re-established on the bureau, used mortgage for current residence as re-established • Co-applicant: No credit XCEED Mortgage Corporation 2014

  14. Case Study #2 Summary: A professional applicant with six rental properties who is refinancing her owner-occupied duplex to obtain cash-out for investments. XCEED APPROVED this deal at 80% LTV for a two-year term at 5.49% with 1% administration fee deducted from the advance. • Deal Purpose • 80% LTV • Refinance • Employment • Main applicant – employed full-time for over four years in a Professional occupation • Residence • Over three years at current residence • GDS/TDSR • 29.54%/34.92% • Property and Location • Owner-occupied • Duplex (one unit owner-occupied; one unit rented out) • Kingston, ON • Credit • Main applicant: Beacon 727; A1 credit, couldn’t be approved by insurer due to high concentration of rentals XCEED Mortgage Corporation 2014

  15. Summary Up to 80% LTV on owner-occupied properties. Up to 75% LTV on rental properties. No minimum Beacon score. We allow unlimited investment properties in a client’s portfolio. Fully-featured mortgage solutions. Industry-leading compensation. XCEED Mortgage Corporation 2014

  16. Contact XCEED Contact XCEED Sales Underwriting Melanie Lapointe BDM, Western Ontario (west of Hwy 427), Alberta, BC
Toll free: (888) 811-6660 ext. 3487
Mobile: (416) 648-2854
Fax: (866) 426-2985 Tommy Vrazalis BDM, Prairies, Eastern Ontario (east of Hwy 427) and Atlantic
Toll free: (888) 811-6660 ext. 3268
Mobile: (416) 716-9432
Fax: (866)  275-8394 Gleb Ioussoufovitch Director, Sales and Marketing Toll free: (888) 811-6660 ext. 3243 Anne ReganCredit Manager
Toll free: (888) 811-6660 ext. 3428
Fax: (866)  745-6693 Dianne Vieira
Senior Underwriter
Toll free: (888) 811-6660 ext. 3252Fax: (866) 549-8905 Nasrin Dossa-Lall
Senior Underwriter Toll free: (888) 811-6660 ext. 3245
Fax: (866) 274-1834 David Marcotte AVP, Mortgage Operations Toll free: (888) 811-6660 ext. 3240