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Duet Enterprise Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Duet Enterprise Overview

Duet Enterprise Overview

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Duet Enterprise Overview

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  1. Duet EnterpriseOverview <NAME> <TITLE> <Company>

  2. Vision for DuetDeliver Prepackaged Scenarios and Platform and Tools Prepackaged Business Scenarios • Prebuilt, packaged integration with SAP Business Suite • Designed for the Information Worker – familiar look and feel, in context information, personalized • Leverage new ways of working – collaboration, presence Foundation and Tools • Development and configuration tools with packaged interoperability • Ready-to-use capabilities - Workflow, Reporting, Collaboration, Duet Profile, Duet Enterprise SitesMicrosoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2010 • Enterprise scale support - security, scalability, administration

  3. The Enterprise Systems Challenges Business and User Focus Meet changing business needs CIO Focus Manage IT costs and complexity • Boost People’s productivity to drive business • Accelerate access and flow of information • Reduce risk to the business • Drive insight from complexity • Accelerate access to business data • Deliver against changing business requests • Control support, integration & training cost • Protect information and stay compliant • Connect users to key business processes • Provide scale agility and enable innovation

  4. Duet EnterpriseConsume and Extend SAP through Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Collaboration Collaboration Process Process Ready-to-use capabilities Ready-to-use capabilities Duet Enterprise Composites Duet Enterprise Composites Drive People Productivity Rapidly Respond to Business Needs Interoperability Interoperability Expand the Value of Existing Investments

  5. Built on Microsoft SharePoint 2010The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Internet Business Connectivity Services Bring data from external systems into SharePoint and Office, interact with it, reuse it, and empower end users to gain insight into the underlying data in a reusable way Sites Composites Communities Rapidly create no-code collaborative solutions Deliver the Best Productivity Experience Cut Costs with a Unified Infrastructure Unlock the value of your enterprise data Insights Content Rapidly Respond to Business Needs Maintain control over end user solutions Search

  6. Duet Enterprise Delivers More Drive People Productivity Expand the value of existing investments Rapidly respond to business needs Empower employees with solutions that Improve personal and team productivity Drive Adoption of SAP and Microsoft Solutions to all employees Address Business needs timely and effectively • Leverage existing platforms • Incremental Business value • Built-in Interoperability • Blend process and collaborative work • Deliver business insight – timely, relevant, targeted • Increase people engagement • Quick solution composition • Empower Business Innovation • Utilize Partner solution

  7. Collaboration Process Ready-to-use capabilities Duet Enterprise Composites Interoperability

  8. Interoperability ‘Out of the Box’ Integration Interoperability LayerThe Foundationfor interoperability between SAP and SharePoint Overview ‘Out of the Box” Interoperability • Pre-built integration as an Add-On to Microsoft SharePoint and SAP NetWeaverplatforms • Simple architectural approach • Jointly designed, developed and supported by Microsoft and SAP • Administration and Supportability • Security/SSO • Landscape/ Life-Cycle /System Management • Templates and Building Blocks w/ access to SAP data objects • Offline support • Based on industry standards Foundation

  9. Collaboration Process Ready-to-use capabilities Duet Enterprise Composites Interoperability

  10. Duet Enterprise Ready-to-Use CapabilitiesQuick Time-to-Value Duet Enterprise Profile Contextual Workflow Duet Enterprise Sites Enterprise Collaboration Duet Enterprise Reporting Empowered Employees

  11. Example - RFP Response Scenario Word Outlook Outlook Ellen & Jacob collaborate on authoring the Response SharePoint SharePoint SharePoint Kevin signs off on the Doc & Ellen marks the task complete Account Team for “County General Hospital” Jacob assigns Ellen the task of responding to an RFP Ellen sets up a Collaboration Workspace Ellen requests related reports from SAP Ellen searches for pricing details in SAP Kevin Marks, Regional Sales Director Jacob Brown, Account Manager Ellen Adams, Account Executive

  12. Duet Enterprise Composites Overview Easier to Get Started Enterprise Ready Ecosystem Solutions Microsoft and SAP Solutions IT Sponsored Solutions End User Solutions Extensible and Customizable

  13. Solutions Composition Key Goals • Enable composition of solutions that blend SAP data and processes with Microsoft SharePoint content and collaboration • Support an end to end solution development between SAP and Microsoft • Significantly lower the barrier for composing solutions in SharePoint and SAP • Accelerate the development of Duet Enterprise solutions • For IT organizations and partners Tools and Services

  14. Right Tools for Each Roles “I need seamless end-to-end monitoring” “I need solutions that adapt quickly to our business needs” “I need a robust familiar toolset” “I need more value from existing investments” Business Unit IT IT Pro Leverage Standard Tool Sets from Microsoft and SAP Developer TDM

  15. Development and Configuration Tools Ease of development using standard tools, leverage existing skill set Tools • Service composition and adaptation • Custom Business logic development • Field configuration • Declarative, No-code • Create lists and doc libs • Design Views/Forms • Modify SPD solutions • Custom UX and data integration • Creating/editing building blocks SharePoint Designer SAP ABAP Developer Business Power User Microsoft .NET Developer

  16. Flexibility in Exposing SAP Information Outlook Forms and Task Panes SharePoint Workspace with InfoPath Forms SharePoint External Lists Office Applications

  17. Duet Enterprise Landscape Duet Enterprise SAP Add-on Duet Enterprise SharePoint Add-on Clients Auto -Deploy SAP NetWeaver Rationalized Architecture Rapid Implementation No Client Installation

  18. Duet Enterprise – Solution Summary Ready-to-use Capabilities • Collaborate around SAP information • Participate in SAP workflows • Access SAP reports • Explore HR information • Interact with SAP Information • Via SharePoint and Office Tools & Business Content • For IT organizations and partners • Enables composition of solutions that blend SAP data and processes with Microsoft SharePoint content and collaboration • Leverages the standard development tools of Microsoft and SAP Foundation • Access to SAP from Microsoft SharePoint and Office • Developed by Microsoft and SAP • Built on the Microsoft SharePoint and SAP NetWeaver platforms • Unifying lifecycle mgmt., security, manageability and supportability

  19. Duet Enterprise RDP Program High touch, deep engagement program that is primary source of customer and partner evidence to support the launch of Duet Enterprise. Key Goals • Drive customerproduction deployments for launch • Support Developmentof Duet Enterprise partner solutions • Gather customer and partner evidence The program is jointly supported by Microsoft Product Management and SAP Product Management.

  20. Enroll, Plan and Enablement Timeline – Duet Enterprise RDP • Selection & Validation • Evidence • Deployment & Development High touch, deep engagement program that is primary source of customer and partner evidence to support the launch of Duet Enterprise. Phase 1 Phase 2

  21. Links Microsoft Web Site Joint Site w/SAP: