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Virtual Terminal Demo PowerPoint Presentation
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Virtual Terminal Demo

Virtual Terminal Demo

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Virtual Terminal Demo

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  1. Virtual Terminal Demo

  2. What is the Virtual Terminal? A simple, secure and efficient solution for Internet and mail order/telephone order (MOTO) businesses to collect and process payments for goods and services over the Internet. A flexible payment system that allows merchants to process both credit cards and electronic checks using just one system anytime, anywhere from an Internet enabled PC.

  3. How It Works 5 Simple Steps to Secure Online Payment Processing Customer shops on your website and adds items to shopping cart Customer proceeds to checkout Customer enters payment information Payment is authorized and authenticated (screened for fraud) Customer confirms and finalizes purchase

  4. How It Works Customer shops on your website and adds items to shopping cart

  5. How It Works Delete 1 Adjust Customer proceeds to checkout Thank You for Shopping with the Video Rack… Please review the above the information carefully, then proceed the Check Out!

  6. How It Works Company Name: Cardholder First Name: Jane Pay By Credit Card Cardholder Middle Initial: Cardholder Last Name: Smith Suffix (eg: Jr, Sr,II): Billing Address: 1234 Any Street Pay By Personal Check Apartment or Suite: Pay By Business Check Billing City: Any Hometown Billing State or Province: VA Billing Postal/Zip Code: 22100 Billing Country: United States Customer enters payment information

  7. How It Works I Agree with the Terms of Use, Continue With Personal Check I Disagree with the Terms of Use, Pay By Credit Card Payment is authorized and authenticated Both credit card and electronic check payments are screened for potential fraud. Credit cards are authorized by the credit card association and use both AVS (Address Verification Service) and CW2 (Card Verification Value) anti-fraud measures. Electronic check user identity is authenticated by Equifax, based upon unique information known only to the purchaser. To maximize your online sales, customers are given the option to pay by credit card at this point if they decide not to pay by check.

  8. How It Works Finalize and Process Order Cancel Order Customer confirms and finalizes purchase Customers are given several opportunities to continue with their purchase to minimize the risk of chargeback or returned merchandise. The final confirmation screen is the last step in the payment process in which customers are then issued an online confirmation number as well as emailed. To complete this transaction and to authorize $19.90 to be charged to your credit card please select ‘Finalize and Process Order’. To Cancel your order, select ‘Cancel Order’ and this transaction will not be processed. Please Review Your Order: 2286 Please allow 5 to 25 seconds for processing

  9. Completing the Payment Process Steps you will complete to process payments Review Payment Batches Settle Payments (Daily) View Payment Activity Reports The Virtual Terminal takes the payment data entered by the customer and allows you to easily complete the payment process.

  10. Completing the Payment Process Review Payment Batches These electronic payments have been authorized but are not yet settled. After reviewing this “open batch,” the merchant can settle, adjust or even void the selected payments.

  11. Completing the Payment Process Select All Transactions Continue With Batch Close Settle payments with a click of your mouse Click on “Continue With Batch Close” to settle the payments

  12. Completing the Payment Process Switch Commerce offers flexible reporting options including preset reports based on timeframe and customizable reports based on selected search criteria and choice of report formats (short, long, HTML, or comma delimited files). View payment activity

  13. Customization Options Design your shopping cart Create departments to organize your products Add product inventory You control the look and feel of your customer’s online experience – no waiting, no costly implementation, and no HTML experience necessary. Switch Commerce helps you keep your product offerings up to date and organized.

  14. Customization Options Design your shopping cart Choose text and background colors Add your company logo Designate a post-purchase url address Write your own text message and display product images in you shopping cart

  15. Customization Options Create departments to organize your products Assign each product to a department The Virtual Terminal will automatically create a catalog page Link the catalog page to your website for easy integration

  16. Customization Options Add product inventory Simply type in your product number and description and click “Add New.”

  17. Benefits of Virtual Payments Easy To Use Easy to Customize Shopping Cart Process Multiple Payment Types Credit Cards Virtual Checks Merchant Account Included Securely Authenticates Consumers AVS, CVV2, and Equifax Fraud Control Open Architecture Integrates Easily Customized User IDs and Privileges Centralized Transaction Information Bank-neutral SSL Technology Processes Recurring Billing