enterprise class turnkey solutions innovated to guarantee peace of mind n.
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Enterprise Class Turnkey Solutions Innovated to Guarantee ‘Peace of Mind’ PowerPoint Presentation
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Enterprise Class Turnkey Solutions Innovated to Guarantee ‘Peace of Mind’

Enterprise Class Turnkey Solutions Innovated to Guarantee ‘Peace of Mind’

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Enterprise Class Turnkey Solutions Innovated to Guarantee ‘Peace of Mind’

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  1. Enterprise Class Turnkey Solutions Innovated to Guarantee ‘Peace of Mind’

  2. Daytona Storage Overview • NComputing Overview • VMware Feature Overview • Traditional VMware Environments • The Problem • The Solution

  3. Company History • Founded in 2001 • VMware Enterprise Partner & System Builder • Goal - Bring complete solutions to market that solve customer problems • Created 7-point process

  4. 7-Point Process • Standardization • Specialization • Integration • Innovation • Installation • Support & Training • Satisfaction Guarantee

  5. Solution Offerings • Virtualization • Storage • Backup • Archival • Security

  6. Remote Administration Health Checks Installations & Upgrades Training (on-site & remote) Support Capacity Planning Sessions Remote Administration Health Checks Installation & Upgrades Training (on-site & remote) Remote Server Administration Remote Network Administration Health Checks Exchange Remote Administration Exchange Migrations Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VMware View Implementations VDI Alternatives NComputing Platinum Partner Application Testing Lab Professional Services

  7. Traditional Desktop Uses : One Desktop Per User School Initiative – One Laptop Per Child

  8. Problems with traditional desktops in large organizations • PCs Become Outdated Quickly • High Cost for Acquisition & Refresh • No Centralized Management • High Cost of Support • Uses Lots of Power • Wasted Resources • Security Risks

  9. PCs are Now Mainframes

  10. NComputing Revolutionized Computing with its PC Access Devices Over 2 Million Installed

  11. The Most Innovative Educational Technology Since the PC • Over 5,000 U.S. schools • 7% of all new computing seats • Hundreds of small & large districts

  12. How It Works 1 3 NComputing vSpace desktop virtualization software creates virtual independent desktops inside one Windows or Linux PC. NComputing access devices are small, silent, energy-efficient, reliable, and very inexpensive. 2 NComputing User eXtension Protocol (UXP) delivers an efficient, secure, multimedia interface.

  13. VMware virtualization First Things First: Virtualization VMware decouples software from hardware. Enterprise App Operating System Operating System

  14. Virtualization: Fundamentally Better Run several operating systems on a single machine. Create shared pools of resources to optimize your infrastructure.

  15. VMware Features • Vmotion – Live Migration of Virtual Machines with Zero Downtime • DRS - Dynamic Balancing of Computing Resources Across Resource Pools • HA - Automatic Restart of Virtual Machines in Case of Server Failure

  16. Daytona Storage, VMware, & NComputing Combined Provide the Highest Density Available for Virtual Desktops VMware allows for the creation of multiple Virtual machines on a Host NComputing allows users to share the same instance of a Virtual machine up to 30X

  17. Reasons to combine VMware & NComputing to create cost effective VDI • Leverage All of VMware’s Management tools • Utilize NComputing’s desktop virtualization solution • Reduce the cost of MS & VMware licensing • Replace VECD Licensing with SERVER OS & TS CALs • Leverage Existing VMware Sphere licensing instead of purchasing new VIEW licensing • Increase the density of thin clients per host • Typical VMware View implementation – 25 clients per host • NComputing plus VMware Sphere – 100 clients per host • Provide both Server & Desktop Virtualization in Single solution

  18. D/R Site Primary Fibre Channel – Expensive $$$ iSCSI – Right Price, Under Powered D/R – Generally Double the Cost

  19. The Problems with Traditional SANs Traditional SANs – Previous Generation Controller Based Storage (arrays with cluster features) • Controller Units manage Reads/Writes of data as well as Controller Failover. • Control units track where data is stored in the array, thus mimicking a clustered environment. • The Control units have limited scalability. Traditional SANs also have a high acquisition cost, limited lifespan and a high replacement cost. • In addition disaster recovery options are expensive and limited with traditional SANs Controller Controller

  20. The Solution GPFS, GPFS Derivates, and Similar Technologies Power the Majority of Today's Supercomputer Centers Created By General Parallel File System (GPFS) Distributed parallel fault-tolerant file system For Commodity Based Intel Hardware In Partnership With And MANY many more..

  21. What are Analysts Saying? True clustered storage systems are the next generation solutions that are designed to never be complex and to be perpetually optimal.—Enterprise Storage Group The age of the raid array is coming to an end… they will become much less common. The array business will see single-digit sales drops and general long-term stagnation. The storage cluster business will show robust growth. —StorageMojo Overall, given the price difference between FC-based and commodity-based systems (about ten times higher) and the experimental results we observe, we believe that commodity-based systemshave alot of potential in cost-sensitive environments and applications. —CoreGRID

  22. Vx Cubes VMware + Intelligent Clustered Storage in a Single Appliance Server - Storage - Desktop Virtualization

  23. NO CUSTOMIZED HARDWARE. ICS architecture allows a supercomputing clustered file system to run on commodity Intel hardware. NO MASTER CONTROL UNIT. All nodes act as one unit in a single file system. NO DATA MIGRATION. ICS scales easily. Just add a node and data is striped and mirrored seamlessly. ADVANCED RAID. ICS has RAID-10 like features and automatically adjusts for disk or node failure. How Does it Work? Intelligent Clustered SANs (ICS) – Next Generation ICS Clustering (leading edge) • Each node is accessible to the initiator. • All nodes act as a single unit. Drives are data “aware.” • Data is automatically saved to multiple nodes creating an N+1 Configuration • If one node or drive fails, the initiator is automatically directed to another node. • Scalability is simple and nearly limitless.

  24. Multiple Sites Single Site Site A Configuration options ICS VMotion Dynamic Resource Scheduling High Availability Intelligent Clustered Storage N+1 High Availability Site B Site C

  25. Desktop Advantages with NComputingLeveraging VMware Features 100X 100X 100X

  26. Base Configuration – 3 Cubes 4 Cubes Modular and Expandable Virtualize Servers Virtualize Desktops Centralize Storage 300 320 30 40 3200 400 20.8TB 2.0TB 2.7TB Expandable to 32 Cubes

  27. CubeStor Intelligent Clustered StorageFor VMware & Everything Else 3 Pack StarterSAN’s - Flexible Densities. Maximum Scalability. 3TBu Starter SAN 6TBu Starter SAN 12TBu Starter SAN 3 TB Useable, 3GB RAM 6 TB Useable, 3GB RAM 12 TB Useable, 3GB RAM Low Density Maximum Throughput/TB $11,500.00 MSRP (U.S.) Mid-range density High Throughput/TB $15,000.00 MSRP (U.S.) Maximum Density Lowest cost per TB $21,000.00 MSRP (U.S.) Throughput: 70 MB/sec per node or 210 MB/sec for 3-node StarterSAN

  28. CubeStor Features and Benefits Clustered Storage Node Benefits Key Features Key Benefits Snapshot & Replication DR to local or remote sites Scales to more than 2.2 PB Virtually Unlimited scalability Enterprise-Class Grid Architecture Easy, automatic node-to-node scalability Migration-less No requirement to migrate data Thin Provisioning Maximum use of available space Unified SAN/NAS (CIFS, NFS, iSCSI protocols) Ease of use and accessibility Benefit: Data aware drives coupled with universal initiator access to all nodes adds an extra layer of protection against failures. Should they happen, data recovery is easier and services can continue uninterrupted.

  29. CubeStor Upgrade Path

  30. Vx Cubes Product Offerings Educational Pricing

  31. Vx Cubes Instant ROI - Day 1 Benefits • Server Virtualization • Desktop Virtualization • Centralized SAN Storage • Centralized Management • Modular Solution • High Availability • Load Balancing • Solution Support • Energy Savings • HVAC Savings

  32. What if you.. • Could add additional software packages on the fly? • Could test your backup/restore operations before an actual outage or failure occurs? • Could add additional services to your end users without the time, money, and hassle of new hardware acquisition? • Could centrally deploy applications to your end user desktops? • Had console access to all servers and desktops in your environment from one view? • Never had to troubleshoot hardware issues again? • Could do more to ensure 100% application uptime? • Could test applications in an isolated environment before deploying, or even purchasing them? • Were never constrained by hardware again? • We can do all of this and more for the cost of a desktop or a server refresh. • The possibilities are limitless, but you will never know unless you take the first step.. Server - Storage - Desktop Virtualization

  33. The Daytona Advantage • 30 Day Money back Guarantee After Installation • Fully Refundable - no shipping, handling, installation, engineering travel costs, training, or hardware and software restocking fees – if we do not meet mutually agreed upon expectations for up to 30 days after installation • Expectations and implementation schedule are covered and fully outlined in advance • 3, 4, and 5 Year Lease Options with Non-Appropriations Clause

  34. Thanks for Listening Daytona Storage offers enterprise class turnkey Virtualization, Storage, Backup, Archival, & Security solutions. Contact us at 1-866-832-9866

  35. Vx Cubes Price Comparison – Traditional Servers & PCs Cost per seat for Cubes 1000 Solution: $720 Cost per seat without Monitor/Mouse/Keyboard: $600 Educational Pricing

  36. Desktop Replacement Comparison PC TS w/ Thin Clients VDI/Citrix VX $$$ $ $$$$$$ $$$ Cost Product Lifespan Ease of Installation Green Technology Centralized Mgmt Desktop Virtualization High Availability Load Balancing SAN Storage HA DR Server Virtualization Video Enhancement Pkg One Call Solution Support Turnkey Solution 30 Day Right to Return After Installation 3-5 5+ 5+ 5+ Purchased Separately Features Increase Cost Doubles the Cost

  37. Vx Cubes Price Comparison – Traditional VMware Solutions Educational Pricing

  38. CubeStor Price Comparison Understanding the storage market requires a review of the total solution entry price, not just a cost/TB Market Need. CubeStor’s Intelligent Clustered Storage (ICS) solution offers the same scalability as higher priced solutions, at a fraction of the cost.

  39. Sandusky Community Schools Configuration • 3 Cubes Model 2000 • 6 VMware Enterprise Licenses + Virtual Center • 2.0TB of high performance usable storage after HW R10 and N+1 spread across 18 15k drives • 1 week onsite installation and training • 15 servers running at an average cluster utilization of 33% • 100 NComputing L 230 Terminals • Less than 50% storage utilization

  40. “Turnkey” – Not just the product • Pre-installation Tasks • Applications testing for proper sizing • Site Survey & Statement of Work • 2 week pre build at Daytona Storage • The Deployment • Physical Installation, Network Setup, & Storage Presentation • Begin P2V on existing servers • Deploy VDI Templates and setup Terminals • Training and onsite Knowledge Transfer • Challenges • Future Deployment-Roll out