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Batman or Joker

Batman or Joker

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Batman or Joker

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Presentation Transcript

  1. CLICK TO EXIT Batman or Joker Choose your adventure Click Batman for Batman Click Joker for Joker

  2. Batman Quick Joker is on the loose! Where do you think he is! The Batcave The Bank

  3. Joker What should I do today? Rob a bank Kidnap the mayor

  4. Joker Hahahahaha you laugh to your self robbing banks is such fun Oh dear looks like the Bats is here to ruin your fun Now what do you do Fight Run

  5. Joker you shoot at Batman and takes some hard punches. Batman throws you in jail. You loose! CLICK TO EXIT Press for home

  6. Joker You run away from Batman but you see the cops! Go right Go left

  7. Choose your adventure, pick Batman or Joker and go on a journey through obstacles.

  8. Joker You make the turn and run into more cops! What do you do! Keep running Fight

  9. Joker You turn the right but then you see the Bat-Mobile driving up behind you, now you have a choice Shoot Hide

  10. Joker You hide and Batman walks by and you see two options Steal a car and go back to base Jump On Batman

  11. Joker You land on Batman and he falls over you punch him in the face several Times when some cop electrocutes you and you fall over then they through You in jail and you laugh because Batman has been out of commission for In till your back on the streets LET THE CHAOS LIVE ON

  12. Joker You grab a car and drive away batman tries to stop you but your too fast and give him the slip then you drive to your Joke-Cave and have fun with the money

  13. Joker You run left but then Batman grabs you and you knock him off now you must fight Jump on Batman Shoot Batman

  14. Batman Oh no! He isn’t here! Quick get to the bank click the rectangle!

  15. Your at the bank do you take a left or right? Left Right

  16. You make a Left but see Joker turn right what do you do? Charge Hide

  17. You charge but Joker turns and shoots you! CLICK TO EXIT GAME OVER

  18. You hide but one of Jokers goons find you and kill you GAME OVER CLICK TO EXIT

  19. You run right and then see Joker grabbing money, what do you do? Sneak Attack Head On Attack

  20. You grab Joker and his Goon’s and they say “Who are you

  21. Joker and his goons start laughing and you start crying and surrender. YOU LOOSE CLICK TO EXIT

  22. Joker and his goons get scared and start screaming then you knock them out and take them to jail. YOU WIN Click for reward CLICK TO EXIT