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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

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Presentation Skills

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  1. Presentation Skills Jan Buermans acting –consulting -training

  2. You are an authorbecause you make the presentation,you’re a directorbecause you decide how to get your message acrossand you are anactorbecause you give the presentation acting –consulting -training

  3. acting –consulting -training

  4. acting –consulting -training

  5. Determine the goal/objective of your presentation What do you want to achieve? The appealing aspect acting –consulting -training

  6. What it is about ! Clear language Excellent structure To the point The content acting –consulting -training

  7. The way you perform your speech Body language Credibility The expressive aspect acting –consulting -training

  8. The willingness of the audience to listen The impact of your speech Relationship acting –consulting -training

  9. acting –consulting -training

  10. CONTENT acting –consulting -training

  11. It usually takes more than 3 weeks to prepare a good speech (Mark Twain) acting –consulting -training

  12. Introduction : what are you going to do and how Core : facts & figures Conclusion : based upon the facts & figures Basic structure of a presentation acting –consulting -training

  13. Simplicity in style and words Simple and short sentences No written language Use your own style FIRST : the core acting –consulting -training

  14. Recapitulation No new information, nor arguments Introduction & conclusion : best remembered by the audience Brief and powerful Build up to a positive climax ‘Leave a last impression’ Next : the conclusion acting –consulting -training

  15. Introduce the subject : make it specific and appealing Mention the goal/objective : ‘why do I want to talk about this’ Illustrate the importance for the audience to listen to you : ‘what’s in it for them’ LAST : the introduction acting –consulting -training

  16. GOAL acting –consulting -training

  17. acting –consulting -training

  18. As from the start : in the introduction Clear-cut, explicit and unmistakable Simple and clear phrasing The core essence of the presentation in 1 sentence Very specific Goal/objective of a presentation acting –consulting -training

  19. BODY acting – consulting - training acting –consulting -training

  20. acting –consulting -training

  21. The importance ofbody language acting –consulting -training

  22. Body language Your body language supports the content Body, intonation and content must be in complete harmony acting –consulting -training

  23. The body acting –consulting -training

  24. acting –consulting -training

  25. Nervous moves Uncertain • scratching ears, nose, arm, … • glasses • Uncomfortable • Distraction audience acting –consulting -training

  26. Proper body language Arms next to the body • Start position to use hands • Gestures = energy • Relaxed perception • Self-confidence acting –consulting -training

  27. Proper body language Tennis ball or weatherman • Relaxed perception • Self-confidence • Do not interweave your fingers acting –consulting -training

  28. Proper body language Hold something in your hands • Pen, index card, laser pointer, … acting –consulting -training

  29. Stable & solid= confidence + persuasiveness Legs : 20 cm from each other Feet : parallel Feet : both on the floor Weight equally divided on both feet Legs & feet acting –consulting -training

  30. DO NOT stand with legs wide apart ‘swing’ cross your feet Legs & feet acting –consulting -training

  31. Use the available space Move with a purpose Don’t walk around all the time Pause and stand still Make variations in your movements Use the room acting –consulting -training

  32. Your body sends a message Your body language will help you or kill you The way you use your body will determine the credibility of your message The importance of your position acting –consulting -training

  33. BE YOURSELF ! BE REAL ! In contact with yourself In contact with your audience HOW do you do that? acting –consulting -training

  34. Outfit acting –consulting -training

  35. Dress appropriately : neat and smart Wear something comfortable that you really like Make sure your headset can be attached Outfit acting –consulting -training

  36. The voice acting –consulting -training

  37. VOLUME INTONATION Bad ARTICULATION Talking too FAST Frequent problems acting –consulting -training

  38. Talking with a low voice demands too much energy from the audience (cf. reading a medical information leaflet) Talking with a low voice is losing the attention Talk loud and clear from the beginning Everybody needs to hear you A loud voice = more ‘colour’ Volume acting –consulting -training

  39. Lack of intonation = boring sadness fear insecurity Loud voice = more intonation Intonation acting –consulting -training

  40. Audibility Clarity Don’t talk between the teeth Loud voice = better articulation Articulation acting –consulting -training

  41. Do not talk too fast : ‘It kills the public’ Importance of the content disappears Tiring Audience pulls out Tempo acting –consulting -training

  42. SILENCE (3 - 4 seconds) : Relaxing for audience Time for the audience to reflect on the content Indicates a new subject To emphasize an important topic Tempo acting –consulting -training

  43. Annoying ! Audience cannot longer focus on the content Euh You know So I mean …. Stopgaps / fillers acting –consulting -training

  44. The audience acting –consulting -training

  45. acting –consulting -training

  46. Neutral Not interested Arms crossed Whispering Doing their nails Sleeping … Reaction of the audience acting –consulting -training

  47. It does NOT necessarily mean that your presentation is boring !! ACCEPT this behaviour Do not change your presentation Do not start repeating Reaction of the audience • Yelling and throwing tomatoes …… • is alarming ….. acting –consulting -training

  48. Expectations acting –consulting -training

  49. That you know what you talk about That your speech provides answers to solve a problem or meets their needs (to learn something) That you perform vividly, enthusiastically en understandably What does the audience expect? acting –consulting -training

  50. Questionsjury & public (2 min.) acting –consulting -training