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By Laura Yoo

Welcome to Computer Science Engineering 3!. By Laura Yoo. CSE3: Fluency with information technology. Introduction to Programming with Scratch. Photoshop!. Overview.

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By Laura Yoo

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  1. Welcome to Computer Science Engineering 3! By Laura Yoo CSE3: Fluency with information technology Introduction to Programming with Scratch Photoshop! Overview Although some people may know the factors of Adobe Photoshop, CSE 3 was able to introduce it in a very useful way. We were able to fix flaws in certain images that proved the powerful usage of Photoshop. A very fun, and useful program! CSE 3- Fluency in Information Technology is a class that introduces students to Computer science and Information Technology. Through this class, one learns the basis of many programs, such as: Scratch, Notepad++, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Through these labs and homework assignments, students are able to enhance their skills in computer technology and utilize such programs as useful tools in their daily lives. Scratch is a program made by the students from MIT initially as an introduction to programming for children. It is a very fun, colorful way to introduce programming in a different way, other than Notepad++. Through labs and homework assignments, one was able to make program and games through the Scratch program. Data Analysis and Visualization with Excel HTML and Web Pages Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Notepad++ is a program that is used for programming. It is a great way to introduce the format of programming and how it is used. Below, is a calendar made through Notepad++. Microsoft Excel is a program intended to organize data in a formatted way. In class, we organized the temperatures in La Jolla which was very interesting and useful (since, we live here!) Excel is a very useful program and intended to be used in the future. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are both programs to present information in a decent way. PowerPoint is a great way to present information through images and text.

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