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The Faith Challenge PowerPoint Presentation
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The Faith Challenge

The Faith Challenge

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The Faith Challenge

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  1. The Faith Challenge Matthew 10:16-22 1 May 2011

  2. As we walk in newness of life our faith will be challenge. Its gonna hurt. Life is full of horrible expectations. Learn how to grit our teeth and say “Hey, I’m gonna get through it,” we usually do.

  3. The Resources To Handle Pain His Spirit – the Comforter God is already active in the World. God’s mission in the world is to save the world.

  4. Four Prisoners who became world changers - each one suffered challenging trial of their faith - each were placed in distinct position when their faith was challenged

  5. KNEELING IN THE MIRE Story of the weeping prophet Jeremiah (Jeremiah 37-38) Jeremiah was thrown into the cistern with no water but mud. Ebed-melek – begged the king to save Jeremiah His life was save because of what he did to Jeremiah Jeremiah 39:15-18

  6. When you face a challenging trial and you feel you are sinking in the mud and mire... • Remember God has a servant in the palace • Church family • Ebed-melek Jeremiah’s challenging position of faith was that of prayer – kneeling in the mire until released into his miracle.

  7. B. Walking In the Fire The story of the 3 Hebrew children (Daniel 3) The Central message is ... , that in the midst of that furnace, God will be with us! Never complain when you are in the midst of the flames, for that is the best place you could possibly be!

  8. C. SINGING IN THE STOCKADE Being stuck in the stocks is inevitable, but it’s what you do while you are bound that determines the outcome of your situation! Paul and Silas Acts 16: 16-40 You need to learn how to encourage yourselves through prayer and praise! Praise will accomplish at least as much, if not more than, petitions.

  9. D. HANDCUFFED TO ENEMY SOLDIERS Peter sleeping between the soldiers (Act 12) v6 showed how relaxed Peter remained He luxuriated in the providence and goodness of God and the prayers of the Church!

  10. How did Peter slept so soundly in the midst of the threat of execution of his life? • Some say that it was because he realized that we are never truly alone in Christ, because, not only is Jesus with us, but also because as Christians we are always together in Christ. • Unceasing prayer of the Church It is no doubt that many of our spiritual battles are won (or possibly lost) on the praying fields of the Church. c. John 21: 18-19

  11. Never doubt in the dark what God gave you in the light! • If God has given you a promise, hold on to the personal Promise of God! • God has more in store for you and this challenge will not destroy you!

  12. Four possible metaphorical positions you might find yourself at some point in your Christian walk. • Kneeling in the mire • WALKING IN THE FIRE • SINGING IN THE STOCKADE • HANDCUFFED TO ENEMY SOLDIERS No matter what your challenging position of faith might be, take confidence that we serve a God that is able to bring you out, take you through, and shake things up so that, ultimately, you will come forth the victor!