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Education Consultants in Delhi

Global Campus is the Indiau2019s popular Education Consultants in Delhi & Overseas Education Organization and has been the most demanding place for Indian students and International institutions. They help the college and school-going students for making their career decisions better and bright. Therefore, if you are confused in picking your career option then you can contact Global Campus.

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Education Consultants in Delhi

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  1. Globalcampus https://www.globalcampus.co.in/

  2. ABOUT US • Our founders strongly believe that for every organisation it is of paramount importance to know its purpose, cause or belief that it wants to champion. Knowing “Why” of business is the starting point for any institution that is planning to make a dent in the universe. This company came to life in order to uplift Indian students by making them see beyond the obvious career options in India which are not keeping up with the changing real world. Our world is changing very fast but not our colleges & universities & thus the unemployment rate of graduate and postgraduate Indian students is constantly on the rise. • Our students need institutes that could make them ready for the future. There are many jobs that are present today that were not available a decade ago and this is just a tip of the iceberg. The gap between what academia teaches and what Industry needs is widening at an unprecedented pace in India. Hence Indian students need an academic ecosystem which always keeps them ahead of Industry requirements and that is the purpose Global Campus was founded in 2004 and has been a harbinger of the international education system which is a force behind the success of many Indian students like SatyaNadella, SundarPichai, IndraNooyi, and many more. https://www.globalcampus.co.in/

  3. https://www.globalcampus.co.in/

  4. Abroad Education Consultants in Delhi • The reason why Global Campus came up with this idea of Abroad Education Consultants in Delhi is to uplift the career options for Indian students, they want to keep children updated with the changing real world. The company helps to give a correct direction to the students and ensure that they grab the opportunities, which they have. https://www.globalcampus.co.in/

  5. Career Counsellor in Delhi Indian students require needs a Career Counsellor in Delhi who can always keep them one-step forward towards the industry requirement and that is the main job of Global Campus. It was established in the year 2004 and has been a forerunner of the International education system that is pushed behind the achievements of many Indian students for example SundarPichai, IndraNooyi, SatuaNadella and many more. https://www.globalcampus.co.in/

  6. CONTACT US • Website : https://www.globalcampus.co.in/ • Email : inquiry@globalcampus.co.in • Phone : 09871821800 • Address : Near Main Market, Sector 9, Faridabad, Haryana 121006, India https://www.globalcampus.co.in/

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