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SEO Company in India PowerPoint Presentation
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SEO Company in India

SEO Company in India

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SEO Company in India

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  1. SEO Company India GlobalSeoHub SEO Services Delhi Stand Out In Crowd Of Millions

  2. SEO TECHNIQUESThat Effects Traffic Towards Website

  3. Different SEO Techniques That Effects Website GlobalSEOHub - SEO Company India provides high level digital marketing technology in India. Back-link building comes mainly under technique of doing off-page SEO. Going with the definition of link building we can say that link building is an art of getting the links from high PR sites to your sites which improves the ranking of your website in Search Engines. There are many ways of building back links such as White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Grey Hat SEO.

  4. Black Hat SEO • The illegal way of doing the SEO part which does not follows the rules and regulations of Search Engines comes under the category of doing black hat SEO. • However these are the techniques been used make confusion to search engines and to rank the website. But following Black Hat SEO cost a lot. • Once the site goes under the spam list it becomes very hard to recover back the website. • Therefore it is recommended not to we should not follow techniques that violates Google’s webmaster guidance or do web spamming part.

  5. WhiteHat SEO • For doing the quality SEO work webmasters often use the White Hat SEO techniques. Following the rules and guidance and doing SEO is called white hat SEO. • However the results might be late or it takes some time to take the website to the top rank but it always ensures that the website is safe from the back list of search engines. • Webmasters always prefer to use the white hat SEO techniques to take site top in search engines.

  6. Grey Hat SEO • Although there is no definition of Grey Hat SEO yet we can say that grey hat SEO is the combination of black hat SEO and the white hat SEO. • It may not result in banned of your site like black hat SEO. • Grey hat SEO is the techniques which remain ill-defined by the publisher material coming out of search engines. In fact grey hat SEO can be beneficial in case of link buying.

  7. Contact Us at: Naraina Vihar,Near Aggarwal Sweets, New Delhi-110028 Mobile: (+91) 8287215467 Email: Website: