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Let’s Do It, Romania! General presentation

one day. clean planet. Let’s Do It, Romania! General presentation. How the story begun….

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Let’s Do It, Romania! General presentation

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  1. one day. clean planet. Let’s Do It, Romania!General presentation

  2. How the story begun… In Romania, it all started with the estonian video in the summer of July 2009. The video about how Estonians “did it” was a true inspiration and circulated on the Internet for several days at a rapid pace, sparking many questions amongst us. Each person who saw it asked timidly: “could something like this be possible in Romania too?" one day. clean planet.

  3. And then… On September 25, more than 200,000 volunteers participated in cleaning throughout the country. And we have not stopped here. In 2011 National Cleaning Day was Sept. 24, when more than 300,000 volunteers came to clean Romania!

  4. Actual plans This year, more than 85 countries around the world will organize a day of general cleaning, from March 24 to September 25. Romania is on the world map - National Cleaning Day is May 12th; the same day Bulgaria, Moldova and Turkey will also start the cleaning. Let `s Do It again, Romania!

  5. Let us show you… one day. clean planet.

  6. The press wrote… one day. clean planet.

  7. Our celebrities were involved… one day. clean planet.

  8. And then of course, we all took part in it…

  9. Working hard…

  10. And here are the results…

  11. Hope you`ve enjoyed it! Made by: Diana Balc ROMANIA

  12. Hope you`ve enjoyed it!

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