living your faith grace retreat 2011 november 4 5 n.
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“Living Your Faith” Grace Retreat 2011 November 4-5 PowerPoint Presentation
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“Living Your Faith” Grace Retreat 2011 November 4-5

“Living Your Faith” Grace Retreat 2011 November 4-5

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“Living Your Faith” Grace Retreat 2011 November 4-5

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  1. “Living Your Faith”Grace Retreat 2011November 4-5

  2. On Nov. 4-5, 211 Grace Church parishioners came together to explore what it means “live our faith” Retreat Purpose: • Explore what it means to “live our faith” • Come apart from daily life and be refreshed spiritually • Enjoy being with friends from Grace and get to know them better • Learn from each other • Learn what a group of Christians do “away from church”

  3. We first sought to define what “faith” meant to us “What is Faith” Brainstorm

  4. Ten Lepers Centurion’s Servant Paralytic Man Storm at Sea • Passage: Jesus cures 10 lepers, and only one returns to thank him, Jesus says “your faith has made you well” • Faith is... Spiritual wholeness through gratitude • Passage: Jesus heals the servant of a Roman centurion • Faith is... blind trust/ healing in abstentia • Passage: Jesus heals a paralytic man when four companions carry him through the roof • Faith is... a transfer of “command” • Passage: The disciples fear a storm and wake Jesus, he calms the waters and rebukes their lack of faith • Faith is... the trust to rebuke the chaos in ourselves that allows God to do his work And also explored faith’s role in scripture… Parables of Faith: What do we mean by faith?

  5. Canaanite Woman Walking on the Sea Feeding the 5,000 Two Blind Men • Passage: Jesus heals a Caanite woman after she reminds him “even dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table • Faith is... seeing a friend in an enemy • Passage: Peter attempts to walk to Jesus on water, he loses faith and sinks • Faith... Makes something impossible, possible, “If you believe you can fly, wins will arrive” • Passage: Jesus uses five loaves and two fish to fead the multitude • Faith is.. like following Jesus’ command even though it seems irrational / receiving a surprise when in doubt • Passage: Two blind men call out to “the Son of David”, Jesus touches their eyes to heal them, and they disobey his command to keep quiet • Faith is... a gift that one can easily take for granted Parables of Faith (cont.)

  6. Contemplatives: Deep with God, quiet, seeking God’s presence Community Builders: Help people find community and nurture the life of the parish Anonymous Saint: Go about business with a sense of call; operating out of faith Secular saints: Aware of injustice and feel people’s needs; want to change things Then explored how we choose to live our faith each day Quadrilateral of Evangelism – How do we choose to live our faith? Questions: • (Rel./Sec.) Do we prefer to seek God in heaven or by bringing God’s kingdom to earth? • (Ind./Soc.) Do we prefer to seek out God through a personal relationship or our community? • How do we choose to live today? How do we think we should? • What can we learn from each other? Religious Secular Individual Social Source: Loren B. Mead, 1994, Alban Institute

  7. We ended the day reflecting on how we can “step out in their faith” tomorrow • How did Abraham, Moses, and Jesus provide examples on how to live? • What do we need to help sustain us and give us courage? • What can we do, today and tomorrow, to grow in our faith?

  8. On Nov. 4-5, 211 Grace Church parishioners came together to explore what it means “live our faith” and spend time together as a community But what did we really do? • We explored “living our faith” together • We talked a lot! We ate even more! • We prayed for each other… in circles. We almost got it right. • We got to know each other better, and learned from each other • And we had fun! • Until next year… “For thousands of years we have gathered in circle – around fires, around bodies, around altars – because we can’t do this alone.”- Wayne Muller