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Kitchen Floor Plans

Kitchen Floor Plans

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Kitchen Floor Plans

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  1. Kitchen Floor Plans The U-Shape Plan   The Galley Plan The L-Shape Plan   The One-Wall Plan The Island Plan   

  2. The U-Shape PlanThis efficient, versatile plan usually puts one workstation on each of three walls.

  3. The U-Shape Plan • Pros: Storage and counter space on three sides maximize efficiency, and the dead-end floor plan ensures that traffic doesn't interrupt the work triangle. • Cons: This isn't the best plan for entertaining or for accommodating multiple cooks, however.

  4. The L-Shape PlanThe L-shape plan puts two workstations on one wall and the third on an adjacent wall.

  5. The L-Shape Plan • Pros: This layout is more space-efficient than a U-shape plan, especially if the main workstations are located close to the crook of the L. • Cons: Not well-suited to small spaces. Be sure to allow adequate open counter space between the two workstations that share the same wall -- at least 4 feet.

  6. The Island PlanAn island plan The island floor plan features a freestanding workstation, usually incorporating either the sink or cooktop.

  7. The Island-Shape Plan • Pros: This plan works best for large kitchens in which the work triangle would exceed the 26-foot rule if all three workstations were located against walls. • Cons: Island plans are not well-suited to kitchens where two work stations must be on opposite walls.

  8. The Galley PlanParallel walls mark the galley-style plan.

  9. The Galley-Shape Plan • Pros: The galley kitchen's compact floor plan is ideal for small spaces. Parallel walls let the cook move easily from one workstation to another. • Cons: The work triangle is in the traffic path unless one doorway is closed off. Lack of a handy gathering spot for kids or guests.

  10. The One-Wall PlanOne-wall plans are most often seen in vacation homes and small apartments.

  11. The One-Wall Plan • Pros: This floor plan is the most space-saving. • Cons: One-wall plans are the least efficient for the cook. Because there is usually a door at each end, through traffic is a common problem.

  12. Resources – Information and Images Better Homes and Gardens Article: Floor Plans to Ponder