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Golf Cart Insurance PowerPoint Presentation
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Golf Cart Insurance

Golf Cart Insurance

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Golf Cart Insurance

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  1. Golf Cart Insurance All You Need To Know

  2. What is Golf Cart Insurance? • An insurance policy designed to cover the damages, expenses and risks related to a golf cart. • Golf Cart Insurance is very similar to auto insurance and many insurance companies have the same policy to insurance an auto and a golf cart.

  3. What type of golf cart insurance do you need? • The type of golf cart you need depends on the type of golf cart you have: • Basic golf cart • Helps protect your golf cart if you only drive it on a course. • This can be added as an endorsement to your homeowners insurance policy.

  4. 2. Modified Golf Cart • Insurance for a modified golf cart with speed up to 25 miles an hour. • For driving at the golf course or on neighborhood roads. • Also categorized as insurance for (Low Speed Vehicles) LSVs

  5. 3. ATV Golf Cart Insurance for golf carts that you use not only while playing golf but for other purposes too. Golf carts that you drive on streets, for commute, or entertainment purpose. Also termed as ATV insurance and sold under auto insurance.

  6. Golf Cart Insurance Coverages • Liability • pays for the costs of the other driver’s property and medical injuries if you are “at fault” in an accident. • coverage subject to limits 2. Medical Payments/No Fault • Pays for the medical bills and funeral expenses if the policyholder, the passengers in his car, or the policyholder's family member is hurt in an auto accident regardless of who is at-fault.

  7. 3. Comprehensive • Pays for the repair cost or replacement of a covered vehicle that is stolen or damaged by something other than collision or rolling over. 4. Collision • Pays for the repair or replacement cost when your vehicle has been damaged in a collision with another car or an object 5. Uninsured/Underinsured Motor Vehicle • Pays for the repair or replacement of your car if you got in an accident and the driver who hits you does not have any or adequate liability coverage.

  8. 6. Emergency Road Service • Pays for the expenses that incurs if your vehicle breaks down while you were on the road. • Covers all the cost until your vehicle is fixed to get back in service.

  9. How Can You Save on Golf Cart Insurance? • Bundling with other insurance policies • Bundling your golf cart insurance with other insurance policies like a car or home insurance makes you eligible for a multi-policy discount. 2. Lump-sum annual payment • If you can pay the whole annual premium at once, you’ll get discounts for that too. 3. Getting a safety certification • Completing a safety course or taking a defensive driving course can also get you discounts

  10. If you want to learn more about golf cart insurance, click on the button below or follow the link in the description below: