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Doha, 10 November 2009

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Doha, 10 November 2009
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Doha, 10 November 2009

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  1. Third session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against CorruptionJoint Side-Event UNODC and CommGAP (World Bank) Good Practices in Anti-Corruption Awareness Raising CampaignsCase study presentation: Campaign of the Comptroller General (Brazil) Luiz Navarro Presidency of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Office of the Comptroller General, Vice-Minister Doha, 10 November 2009

  2. Main Prevention Measures • Increased Transparency • E-procurement system • Online monitoring of public expenditure • List of Ineligible Firms - CEIS • Incentive to Social Control • Education for Ethics and Citizenship • Implementation of International Conventions • Public - Private Co-operation Against Corruption • Studies and research on corruption


  4. The Transparency Portal provides information on: • Resources applied directly by the federal departments • Federal resources transferred from the Federal level to the states, municipalities and Federal District. • Federal resources transferred directly to citizenS. • Transactions on the Federal Government's Payment Card.

  5. Transparency Portal Direct spending Budget year Resource allocations By state/municipality Spending category Sanctioned firms Direct transfers to citizens 5

  6. Transparency Portal

  7. Transparency Portal

  8. Transparency Portal

  9. 1,540,000 1,293,702 646,701 377,078 285,968 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009* Transparency Portal by the Numbers: Total amount displayed Over US$ 5 trillion 855,791,183 files Information Pages accessed 2009 1,540,181 9

  10. RAISING AWARENESS Incentive to Social Control The CGU developed the Eagle Eye on the Public Money programme, with a view to promoting change in society through education, access to information and social mobilisation. To promote social control, the CGU developed the CGU’s Online School, offering course programs in: 1. Internal Control; 2. Social Control; 3. Social Control of the Government Education Programme; 4. Public Procurement and Contracts.

  11. “Eagle Eye on the Public Money” (“Olho Vivo no Dinheiro Público”)‏ Training of: • 5,100 public officials • 4,945 counselors • 5,554 municipal leaderships • 1,361 teachers • 6,213 students; • 76 conventional education events, reaching 615 municipalities;

  12. “Eagle Eye on the Public Money” (“Olho Vivo no Dinheiro Público”)‏ Booklet: Eagle Eye on the Public Money More than 1,600,000 free copies

  13. “Eagle Eye on the Public Money” (“Olho Vivo no Dinheiro Público”)‏ Free-online training courses

  14. Kid’s Website

  15. Project “One for All and All for One for Ethics and Citizenship”(“Um por Todos e Todos por Um pela Ética e Cidadania”) Partnership between CGU and Maurício de Sousa Institute, a cultural non-governmental institution. Aimed at fostering citizenship, ethics and responsibility among all participants: educators, students, families and communities. Pilot project 18,000 students 61 schools 600 teachers

  16. Comic Books One for All and All for One! For Ethics and Citizenship!

  17. ETHICS AND CITIZENSHIP IN SCHOOLS 2008 2007 2009: Tema: Todos pela ética e cidadania! Como posso contribuir para uma sociedade melhor?

  18. Winning Illustrations “If we all keep an eye out, no one will go without”

  19. Short-Film and Video Contest Under the theme "Fight against corruption: a commitment of all", the contest requires contestants to submit unpublished short-films in two categories: the one-minute film and the 5-10 minute film.

  20. Public-Private Cooperation Against Corruption - Distribution of booklets about the OECD Convention for over 20,000 enterprises; - Research with over 450 Brazilian enterprises in order to identify the anticorruption and integrity measures adopted by them; - Preparation and distribution of Ministerial Letters to 45 of the biggest export companies in order to raise awareness about the OECD Convention and about integrity methods to fight corruption.

  21. Public-Private Cooperation Against Corruption CGU and Ethos Institute established a partnership to: - Stimulating and putting into force initiatives to strengthen good practices of corporative governance - Promoting ethics and integrity in the relationship between the public and private sectors. Ethos is among the institutions responsible for developing the “Pact Against Corruption and for Integrity” signed by over 500 companies, including every major company in Brazil.

  22. “Clean Company” Campaign • Designed by the Ethos Institute, the “Clean Company” stamp is conferred to signatories of the “Pact Against Corruption and for Integrity.” • The stamp certifies a company’s commitment to eliminating all forms of corruption from the corporate environment and compliance with twice-yearly evaluations of the progress made to this end. •

  23. Initiatives Implemented through the CGU - Ethos Partnership • Handbook on Fighting Corruption in the Private Sector: aimed at strengthening the dialogue between the public sector and the private sector to support private initiatives to promote integrity • Distance course on the handbook • Handbook and distance course for SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises), inspired on the experience of the “Transparency for Colombia-Rumbo Pymes”.

  24. The CGU prepared handbooks and booklets to disseminate the terms of the OECD Convention against Corruption. In addition, the agency developed a hotsite with information on the Convention.

  25. OECD Convention Website

  26. Promotion of Academic Studies and Research on Corruption • CGU Journal • Essay Contest • Academic Debates • Co-operation Agreements with Universities • Online Library on Corruption

  27. FEA/USP Co-operation Agreements for Academic Research on Corruption UK Embassy

  28. Online Library on Corruption

  29. GENERAL CORRUPTION PERCEPTION Corruption in Brazil is: Source: “Interesse Público e Corrupção” 2009 – Vox Populi /CRIP/UFMG

  30. Corruption in Brazil: Consolidating the Mechanisms to Prevent and Combat Corruption Which of the following statements most closely reflects your view? Source: “Interesse Público e Corrupção” 2009 – Vox Populi /CRIP/UFMG

  31. Corruption in Brazil: Consolidating the Mechanisms to Prevent and Combat Corruption CGU measures contribute to combating corruption? Source: “Interesse Público e Corrupção” 2009 – Vox Populi /CRIP/UFMG

  32. CONTROLADORIA-GERAL DA UNIÃO Setor de Autarquias Sul, Quadra 1, Bloco A Edifício Darcy Ribeiro CEP: 70070-905 Tel: +55 61 2020 7241 Visit the Transparency Portal: