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Souvenir from Myanmar

Souvenir from Myanmar

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Souvenir from Myanmar

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  1. Souvenir From Myanmar Myanmar Handicrafts BaganTrade

  2. The Dagon Pot with loop made by Brass • In this Brass Pot, Our designers are combination with Myanmar’s Hand Print and Chinese Traditional Dragon to be attractive and more useful thing for people. Chinese people are believed that is Dragons are Lucky for them and Usually they are used Dragons at Every Lucky Ceremony. You can use as souvenir, flower pot, Temple pot to put on fragrance stick. It is easy to lift and easy to carry from one place to another place because it had two handle rings. The design is dragon arabesque with rectangle. You can decorate at living room or hotel. Being this color is antique color so most of people are attractive.

  3. Pumpkin shape Water hyacinth Chair • The Water Hyacinth chair is made in Myanmar. It is only made water hyacinth and handmade product. The whole product is only made water hyacinth. The design is pumpkin shape and it is comfort when you sit on this. This is the modern style. Most of people are using in living room, home decoration, hotel and other places. It is using water hyacinth and this is the hand woven product in detail.

  4. Soup Spoon made by Buffalo Horn • This is the Soup Spoon made by Buffalo Horn. All of these products are made in Myanmar. This soup spoon is very simple design. This is use in hotel accessories, home ware and kitchen ware. Buffalo horn is black color. The raw material is 100% natural without dye or organic matter. This product was bright and beautiful.

  5. Hand woven Cane Tissue Box Cover • It is hand woven craft and made in Myanmar. This product is tissue cover and tissue box. It is using in living room, office accessories, kitchen room and other places put it. This rectangular cane tissue box cover makes a welcome addition to your coffee table, bedside table, bench top, desk or bathroom vanity. It is neat, tidy and beautiful. This is rectangle shape tissue box cover.

  6. Traditional Design Cane Mat Handbag • This product is handbag made by cane. The whole product is hand woven. The handle is using water hyacinth with twist design. The bag body is mat design and using cane with thread and central of design is using cotton with hand woven. The cane mat is join sewing with thread. The zip is for easy to open and close. It is mostly use the women, ladies who are going to the office, shopping, and other places. You can add in this bag your make up accessories, phone, purse and other materials can put in it. You can get customize size, design and color.

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