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  1. 銳擎智識股份有限公司 Executive Vice President Richard Chuang

  2. MailScan企業防毒解決方案 Richard Chuang

  3. MicroWorld Technologies Inc. proudly presents MailScan Content-Security & Anti-Virus world’s first “Real-Time” email scanner.

  4. MicroWorld Technologies Inc. (MWTI) • Leaders in Content-Security and Communications Software. • Strong technical and technological expertise • Our clients include Govt. Organizations, Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporates, Airlines, Travel Agencies, etc. • World Wide Presence. • Nearly 100 staff members, Company growing at more than 100% p.a.

  5. MWTI’s MailScan Range Of Products MailScan for POP Servers MailScan for Mail Servers MailScan For MDaemon MailScan for VPOP3 MailScan for WinRoute MailScan For SMTP MailScan for Exchange MailScan for Lotus Notes

  6. CONTENT SECURITY Need & Definition

  7. Business Partners • Paul Smith Computer Services PLC., UK - MailScan for VPOP3 • - MailScan for MDaemon • MailScan for SMTP servers – Partners in about 30 countries across the globe. • Distributors & Partners for other products across the globe - A reseller network of about 10,000 resellers

  8. The World-market Trend The rise of information needs from the open network will fuel Network Security Demand. As corporate entities transform their business models to leverage internet communications, network security will be transformed from a “cost of doing business” to a “business enabler”. A heterogeneous security market - several related, but distinct, segments (Antivirus, Content Scanning, Firewall, etc.).

  9. Content-Security Definition - Threats • The contemporary virus threats has now ballooned into ‘content-security’ threats. • Content-security threats includes: • email virus threats, web-based virus downloads, Word-based macro bombs • offensive email and web content • misuse and abuse of email & web resources • Intrusion of anonymous internet users • Trespassing of unauthorized users into company’s internal network

  10. Loss that an organization suffers due to security violations & other related problems Assumption: Network of about 1000 PCs; Average loss per year over a span of 3 years: Courtesy Aberdeen Consultants

  11. MWTI’s Content-Security Solution MailScan

  12. MailScan Solution Framework MailScan is a comprehensive Content-Security Software that offers: • Comprehensive Security Policy framework • Scanning of TCP/IP Traffic for restricted words, content or profane substance on a “real-time” basis. • Anti-virus capabilities • Anti-spamming utilities • Effective Bandwidth utilization • Hands-Free Incremental Updation

  13. MailScan Solution Framework -Value proposition for customers • Integrated solutions for different products/networks • Low cost of Ownership • Cost savings, as security components are integrated, thereby doing away with the need to invest in different solutions • Increase in productivity due to 99% uptime of computers • Solution completely transparent to end-users • Complete control for network administrators

  14. Our claim“MailScan is the world’s first real-time email scanner”– How do we justify?

  15. To Justify This, Let’s First Understand How The Other Anti-Virus And Content-Scanning Software Products Function:

  16. AntiVirus GateWay Mail Server Mails Mails Clients Normal Antivirus Providing Protection to Mail-Servers Internet

  17. Problems With this kind of Setup • No POP3 download scanning . • Since first point of SMTP contact is the AntiVirus gateway, all functionality offered by the mail-server is lost like... • Relay control • Spam Block (ORBS) • Sender authentication • SMTP authentication • Firewall Capability • And many more • Configuration changes has to be done on the Mail-Server. • Scanning is not “real-time”. • This system works only with a dedicated IP-address.

  18. Mail-Server With MailScan Mails Clients MailScan Providing Protection to Mail-Server Internet

  19. Advantages With MailScan • No features of Mail-Server is Compromised • Provides Protection to POP server also • Does Real-Time Content Checking using MWL • Technology • No configuration changes required. • No additional gateway machine required. • Checks all paths of incoming & outgoing mails

  20. What is MWL Technology?

  21. Internet Mails Network ‘B’ Internal Mails WebContents Winsock 2 Mail Server IE Outlook ICQ Network ‘A’ How Communication happens inside a Network? The Internet Any Communication by the Application and With the Application Has to Pass Through the Winsock Layer at the server level and the client level

  22. MWL Technology Internet Mails Network ‘B’ Internal Mails WebContents Winsock 2 MicroWorld Winsock Layer Mail Server ICQ IE Outlook Network ‘A’ The Internet Since MWL Sits on Winsock, That means any content passing through Winsock has to pass through MWL where it is checked and then forwarded to the application

  23. WINSOCK MWL (MicroWorld-WinSock-Layer) MailScan Content-Parser (Object Dis-assembler) MailScan Attachment-Filter and ZIP Analyzer eScan Content-Analyser eScan Antivirus Module eScan Auto -Update Module Report Consolidation Module MailScan object Assembler IE Outlook ICQ MWL sits on WinSock 2 and above and assemble all packets Coming on different ports Decodes Mails and Attaachments Checks the validity of the file and file decompression is done Functions of MWL Virus checking & Content checking is done by eScan All the objets are reassembled and passed on to the application layer Only clean objects

  24. Winsock-Layer ??? What is Winsock • Winsock is the basic program that is used for any TCP/IP based application. • Winsock is the DLL that is invoked before any program starts running..

  25. Microworld Winsock-Layer (MWL) ? What is MWL layer?This is the first-time in the world that a program has been developed which loads over Winsock. MWTI has pioneered in researching & implementing the technology that will load when Winsock loads. The best part about this is that all applications have to first interface with MWL before it can reach Winsock. The revolutionary technology. MWL captures all the mails and processes it further with the help of eScan and MailScanThus making MailScan the world’s first software to do ‘Real-time Scanning’. On all the email traffic coming into you organisation.

  26. MailScan Framework Your Internet Security Guardian The Complete Internet Security Guardian Security Manager Internet Pull Updates eScan MailScan eConceal Pull updates Workstation Server, Gateways Pull Updates eServ Server with Management Console Port Configured

  27. MailScan – Your Internet Security Guardian

  28. USA Office Internet Server Pull Updates UK Office Internet Push Pull Pull Updates INTERNET Updates Updates Pull Updates Australia office Virus Security Manager Mirror server in Australia, USA,India User Network Report Your Internet Security Guardian ---- On the guard always with our Unique automatic Incremental Security Policies Update. Virus Reported

  29. MWTI’s Vision For Security Solutions • Leverage the power of Internet to offer the best breed of solution to customers. • Centralised Installation, administration, deployment and management of security solutions. • Integrated solutions that will understand the existence of another product under MWTI’s umbrella; thus providing the power of internet to leverage the benefits of a combined suite of products. • Product architecture based on Internet technology that can be adapted and modified without much delay • Hands-free (Automatic) Upgradation of software.


  31. MWTI - Your Internet Security Guardian • MWTI has discovered the technique of Real Time Scanning using Microworld Winsock Layer. • MWTI has integrated solutions that are unique in terms of technology and product architecture. • MWTI’s solutions stand-out in a crowded market-place as other vendors are providing solutions which are not only expensive, but do not give the money’s worth and completely disparate. • Our products are futuristic. • MWTI is your partner in growth. Our solutions will take you into a safe & secure future.

  32. Q&A