bonfire and dioxin n.
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Bonfire and dioxin PowerPoint Presentation
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Bonfire and dioxin

Bonfire and dioxin

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Bonfire and dioxin

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  1. Bonfire and dioxin

  2. Beach bonfire are large outdoor fires with wood and fuels. • Burning plastic ,rubber, or painted materials not only creates an unpleasant smell but also produces a range of poisonous compounds, like dioxin and furans. • When wood with fuels and waste are burned, dioxins are formed and released in to the air Dioxin released into air eventually settles on vegetation, soil or water. • It is then taken up from the land by grazing animals and from aquatic and marine environments by fish. In animals, dioxin is stored mainly in the fatty tissue. • Dioxin may also enter our soil and then the food chain by recycling material, such as sewage sludge, back to land. It can also be released directly to water, such as from industry discharges, in landfill or in run-off from soil.

  3. Intro to dioxin Dioxins are chemicals that pose potential health risks to humans, including the possibility of cancer. Typically byproducts of industrial practices, dioxins are usually are found around areas of heavy industrial use. They are found just about everywhere - and are present in the atmosphere, soil, rivers and the food chain. However, volcanoes and bonfire also produce dioxins.

  4. How is beach bonfire putting dioxin in the environment ? • When the wood is burnt in beach bonfires with fuels and waste it releases dioxin into the air. • Also, soil near burn areas that contain dioxin can be carried by rain water and released in to the surface water.

  5. In this picture it shows that most of the dioxin is in the land (79%) than there is in the air (19%) or in the water (2%). Dioxin in water

  6. Effects of dioxin • Toxic dioxins my effect animals. It effects the reproduction, the immune system and the uterus. • Dioxin stick to plants and animals eat the plants as a food source. • Dioxin then enters their body and it accumulates fat. • Dioxin can be spread to an animal’s offspring through their milk. • Dioxin also helps to grow an already existing cancer in the animal’s body.


  8. How does dioxin get into the Puget sound? • Dioxin contaminations of Puget sound resulted from storm water runoff from dioxins in the ground and from historical industrial use of shore areas. • Dioxins that have entered in the air can settle on the surface of the Puget sound through rain. • They also enter the Puget sound from paper mils that releases chemicals like dioxin into the water.

  9. How can we reduce dioxin • To reduce dioxins, we can create strict laws to Condense the use of the chemical or create laws to decrees demand for products with dioxides. • There are also other alternatives to dioxins by eliminating chlorine compounds in pulp and paper productions eliminates dioxides and other higher toxic chlorine compounds. • In addition, there are wood products available that have not been treated with toxic chemicals

  10. Thank you and have a good day  <3 ;) By: Matan A &Maryan E