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follicore Results whatsoever but then halfway into the fifth month I noticed something funny when I look in the mirror the bald spot on my head did look a little smaller here's a picture from July the first time I noticed that some of my hair appear to be growing back and here's another picture from July thirtieth just two weeks after I first started noticing my hair growing back what I saw was pretty encouraging so I kept using that latest combination of natural foods minerals vitamins and herbs to see what would happen and from that point on every day began to feel like Christmas each morning I would wake up look in the mirror and see an even fuller healthier and thicker head of hair on my scalp here's .<br><br>http://www.drozdietplan.com/follicore-reviews/

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  1. follicore Doctor said was causing my enlarged prostate he said that a steroid called DHT is what's normally responsible for the growth of prostate cells I'd never heard of DHT before but my doctor said it comes from testosterone and that as we get older our bodies convert more and more of our testosterone into the steroid dr. Bob also mentioned that DHT affects women just as often as it does men which I thought was really interesting he said that because ovaries produce a surprisingly large amount of testosterone and just like with men as women aged their bodies convert more and more their testosterone into the HT but regardless of whether you're a man or woman my doctor said the point is that high levels of DHT are not good in men DHT can be a major cause of prostate cancer that causes lower testosterone levels while in women DHT throws the body out of hormonal balance and causes mood swings depression and even hot flashes now this was all shocking enough to me because I have never even heard this destructive DHT steroid before but what my doctor said next absolutely shocked me and it's something you should pay close attention to because it's key to why you've been losing your hair and how you can naturally reverse this process you see almost in passing by doctor mentioned that virtually all scientists now believe DHT to be the overwhelming cause of all hair loss and when I asked my doctor why he just said well it gets into your hair follicles and basically kills them there's actually a ton of research coming out about this now and if you're really interested you can probably find some good info online well I certainly was interested and so the first thing I did was jump on my computer began investigating a link between DHT and hair loss the amount of studies and research i found was pretty staggering a harvard university study i found confirmed the link between DHT and both male pattern hair loss and prostate cancer a paper from researchers at George Washington University backed the Harvard study up another paper published in the International Journal of women's health also attributed… For More Info ===== >>>>>>>> http://www.drozdietplan.com/follicore-reviews/

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