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Escape Room

Discover the most immersive escape room with cinematic quality games, know more https://gotham-escape-room.business.site/<br><br>Find Us on Google Maps: https://g.page/GothamEscapeRoom<br><br>Visit Our Website: https://www.gothamescaperoom.com/<br><br>When it comes to a party, it is essential to have different types of games. If you have the only kind of game in your party, your guest gets bored easily, and will not enjoy the party. So, make sure that you have different escape room games at your party.<br><br>Gotham Escape Room<br>Address: 1425 Arch St Level B, Philadelphia, PA 19102, United States<br>Phone: 12153757173<br><br>Our Profile: https://www.slideserve.com/gothamescaperoom<br><br>Next Slide: https://bit.ly/3nIlpgh

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Escape Room

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  2. ESCAPE ROOM Have you planned your evening of visiting an escape room and it is your ?rst time? Are you looking for tips and tricks for beginners that guarantee success?  WWW.GOTHAMESCAPEROOM.COM Page 1

  3. ESCAPE ROOM If, then you are on the right page! We all know how exciting an escape room's games are! At the same time, it is obvious that 60 minutes are not going to be a cakewalk. You will need preparations. You will need to know a few hacks which can make your evening sensational and electrifying!  WWW.GOTHAMESCAPEROOM.COM Page 2

  4. ESCAPE ROOM To help you out with it, we have compiled a list of 10 surprisingly easy and mind-blowing tricks that will galvanize your evening! So are you ready? Sit back relaxed. Just go through the list to win any escape games in 2020! Escape in less than 60 minutes! 1.  Trust the game master and give them all ears The brie?ng which the game masters provide at the beginning is to be taken utmost seriously! Every escape room has a game master who will take you through the initial journey of understanding the rules.  WWW.GOTHAMESCAPEROOM.COM Page 3

  5. ESCAPE ROOM The do’s and don’ts provided need to be carefully heard. This will help you gain the initial boost to get into the escape room! 2.  Play the game as a team. You are not alone As you enter the enchanted escape game room, remember that you are playing in a team. WWW.GOTHAMESCAPEROOM.COM Page 4

  6. ESCAPE ROOM Great teamwork need not necessarily mean a larger group.  Even if your group is small, it's completely okay. The only thing which is important and is to be taken care of is that you need to win the challenge by ?nding clues as a team. WWW.GOTHAMESCAPEROOM.COM Page 5

  7. ESCAPE ROOM 3.  Teamwork is successful if you trust Teamwork is all about trusting your co-players. Remember the golden rule, "Divide and Conquer". Let one person be responsible for one task. Once the task is allocated, trust them.  Doubting in the middle of the game will mean that you will not complete your task and your friend will not be able to complete his task successfully. Diving the task will lead to time-saving. Wisely distribute the task and win the escape game. WWW.GOTHAMESCAPEROOM.COM Page 6

  8. ESCAPE ROOM 4.  Pass on the undone If you have been trying to untangle a task for a long time, ask for help. Ask your friend to help you out and give them responsibility. You can take something else. Remember, the clock is ticking. You have only 60 minutes to win it. Every second is important. WWW.GOTHAMESCAPEROOM.COM Page 7

  9. ESCAPE ROOM 5.  Listen to your teammates and take the risk Escape game rooms function best when working as a team. Keep your team active and keep the excitement high. When your teammate comes up with a di?erent idea to solve a quest, try it out.  The small turns will make the game memorable and fun. Many perform well under pressure. Trust them and win the game. WWW.GOTHAMESCAPEROOM.COM Page 8

  10. ESCAPE ROOM 6.  Shout your best If you have found something which your team members had been working hard on, shout to make everyone hear what you found.  WWW.GOTHAMESCAPEROOM.COM Page 9

  11. ESCAPE ROOM As an escape game room gives only 60 minutes to escape, everyone is engaged in their task. To give them an alarm of an important clue, make sure they hear you well. 7.  Pick on what is left than helping your mate Your mate will solve what he is working on. When taking up the task which your mate is already working on, you will ?rst have to go through its instructions and spend time.  Rather, spend your time on the pending task. Remember, it's teamwork. Your friend will solve his part, you choose something else. Together you will conquer. 8.  Search the room thoroughly and mark what is done Many tasks will involve searching for hidden objects. As the rooms can have minimal light, you need to mark the already searched places. This will help you save time and energy. 9.  Ask for hints Yes, you read that right! If you think that you are stuck at a place for a long time, ask hints to your game master. This will create excitement and fun. If you are stuck in one place for a long time, you will soon get bored. WWW.GOTHAMESCAPEROOM.COM Page 10

  12. ESCAPE ROOM 10.   Carry a wristwatch Keeping track of time becomes important while you are inside the escape room. Having a wristwatch will make things easy. You will be able to track every minute.  The most crucial time is when you are nearing the end of the game. You will need your wristwatch at that very moment. As you follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks, make sure you follow some safety precautionary instructions too!  Carry Sanitizers   Having a sanitizer in your pock will give a push to your mental satisfaction that you are far away from germs. This way, you can play safely and enjoy the game.  Stay a safe distance from electric wires  An escape room can have an electric desk inside. Though everything is kept safe and maintained with high precautions, it is better not to touch any socket or wire.  WWW.GOTHAMESCAPEROOM.COM Page 11

  13. ESCAPE ROOM Avoid laser from your eyes See to it that the laser is not hitting your eyes. Protecting the eyes is of utmost importance. An escape room can have many laser lights on during the game time. Dodge them if you think they will contact your eyes. This way you can play safe.  Walk carefully An escape room can have many props and furniture. If you are running without noticing, there can be a chance of you hitting something. Better stay alert while you’re running around to ?nd clues. An escape quest room is fun and exciting. Remember you are in the game to make memories.  Enjoy every minute, live in the moment. We are sure that these 60 minutes will be one of the best times enjoyed with your group in life! WWW.GOTHAMESCAPEROOM.COM Page 12

  14. Contact Us Gotham Escape Room Address: 1425 Arch St Level B, Philadelphia, PA 19102, United States Phone: +12153757173 Contact Mail: gotham.philly@gmail.com

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