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Care of the Soul

Care of the Soul

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Care of the Soul

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  1. Care of the Soul By: Thomas Moore

  2. What does it mean to Care for the Soul? • “To care for the soul, we must observe the full range of all its colorings, and resist the temptation to approve only of white, red, and orange- the brilliant colors” (p. 137). • To care for the soul one must seek to understand and accept all emotions that make us who we are • To care for the soul is challenging, takes work, and can be uncomfortable

  3. What’s Love Got to Do with it?? • It is okay to be selfish: to love yourself so that you can love another person. Narcissism is not loving yourself. • Active participation in caring for ourselves can actually help care for the soul • When we are able to love another person we see the good or “angelic” qualities of that person • We must not dismiss our feelings…We must recognize and accept them

  4. Soul Power, Gifts, and Economics • The soul is powerful and has its own wants, needs, and its own way of needing recognition • Sometimes we try to ignore the needs of the soul and it can cause grief and despair • Throughout the book, Moore talks about the need to accept and understand the needs of the soul • In work, we must also care for our soul by finding work that provides soul values • Failure to meet these needs can lead to dysfunction

  5. The Soul needs Spirituality • The soul “thrives only when life is taken in in a long, slow process of digestion and absorption” (p. 206) • We need to have time for reflection, thoughtfulness, retreat, and meditation • We loose sight of the real meaning of wisdom and confuse it with what we learn through technology • Formal religious practice is good for the soul. It helps to teach how to find “the sacred dimension in everyday life” (p. 214)

  6. Faith • “Faith is a gift of spirit that allows the soul to remain attached to its own unfolding. When faith is soulful, it is always planted in the soil of wonder and questioning. It is not a defensive and anxious holding on to certain objects of belief, because doubt, as its shadow, can be brought into a faith that is fully mature” (p. 253). • We must trust ourselves, accept ourselves, and have faith in ourselves • Care for your soul everyday, accept yourself and the person you are. Life is a journey.

  7. Thomas Moore • Thomas Moore is a psychotherapist and writer. • Published many articles and books on archetypal and Jungian psychology, mythology, and the arts • He lived as a monk in a Catholic religious order for twelve years • Has a Ph.D. in religious studies, a M.A. in theology, a M.A. in musicology, and a B.A. in music and philosophy • He is a lecturer and writer in North America and Europe

  8. References Moore, T. (1992). Care of the soul: a guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life. New York; HarperCollins Publishers.