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Harrison County Schools School Board Effectiveness Meeting

Harrison County Schools School Board Effectiveness Meeting. November 5, 2013. MICHAEL L. QUEEN, President DAVID M. STURM, Vice-President ALLEN GORRELL GARY M. HAMRICK DOUGLAS K. HOGUE. SUSAN LEE COLLINS , Superintendent ANTHONY FRATTO , Assistant Superintendent, Operations and Facilities

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Harrison County Schools School Board Effectiveness Meeting

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  1. Harrison County SchoolsSchool Board Effectiveness Meeting November 5, 2013 MICHAEL L. QUEEN, President DAVID M. STURM, Vice-President ALLEN GORRELL GARY M. HAMRICK DOUGLAS K. HOGUE SUSAN LEE COLLINS, Superintendent ANTHONY FRATTO, Assistant Superintendent, Operations and Facilities WENDY IMPERIAL, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction and Technology DONNA HAGE, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources and Policy HARRISON COUNTY SCHOOLS – Where all are leaders…and all are learners

  2. General Statistics 2012-2013 • Enrollment 10,946 ( Current10,913 ) • Attendance Rate 97.67% • Low SES 49.61% • Graduation Rate 77.6% • Dropout Rate 1.29% (down from 2.1%) • Transfers: • To our county - 79 • From our county – 23 • Approximately $6,000. per student

  3. Student Enrollment Trend 1999-2000 through 2013-2014

  4. Student Enrollment By Grade 2013-2014

  5. Professional & Service Staff Experience FY 13

  6. Fund Balance (Carryover)

  7. FY 14 Budget by Object Code 81% of budget is for salaries and benefits

  8. General Current Expense Fund Revenue Budget FY 14

  9. Thank You! Five year levy call- July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2016 3rd Year of 88% Levy Approximately $19,768,685 annually Provides: textbooks supplies equipment fine arts support vocational education extra-curricular support facility improvements athletic improvements and admission fees technology student accident insurance duplication services salary supplementation and employee benefits

  10. Educational Opportunities College Courses Harrison County Schools / Fairmont State University / West Virginia University Over 400 credits potentially earned At a savings of over $113,000.

  11. Educational Opportunities Advanced Placement 2013-2014 Enrollment in AP Courses:420 a decrease of 11% from 2012-2013 Number of AP Exams passed with a 3 or higher: 181 an increase of 5% from 2012-2013

  12. Educational Opportunities ACT – 426 students tested Thank you to John Ebert for the ACT Prep Classes Harrison WV Average English 21.2 20.5 Math 20.2 19.5 Reading 22.1 21.3 Science 21.4 20.6 Composite 21.4 20.6

  13. Educational Opportunities Promise Scholarships 2012-2013 2011-2012 BHS 94 78 Liberty 16 18 Lincoln 19 21 RCB 20 23 SHHS 13 17

  14. Educational Opportunities United Technical Center • Multi-County Center - Doddridge, Harrison and Taylor counties • New Director – Matthew Call • 467 day program students; 65 adult students • 51 tenth graders enrolled; 3 ninth graders enrolled • 40 GED Options Students • 15 programs for secondary students and 1 program of Practical Nursing for adults • UTC offers many night-time, short-term, and online courses • WVDE CTE Simulated Workplace Pilot Site • SREB Technology Centers That Work Site • Career-Technical Student Organizations include SkillsUSA and HOSA

  15. Educational Opportunities Harrison County Alternative Learning Center • Enrollment 2012-2013: • Harrison County Alternative High School – 152 • Harrison County Transitional High School – 76 • Harrison County Transitional Middle School – 49 • Total – 277 • 24 seniors graduated last year while attending Alternative High School • 3 seniors graduated while attending Transitional High School

  16. Options Pathway 2012-2013 Option 1 – CTE completers + GED = High School Diploma Option 2 – Seniors meeting graduation requirements, except English, math, science, or social studies credit + needed part of GED = High School Diploma Option 3 – Student insists on dropping out, but GED passed while still enrolled = Students not counted as dropouts against high school

  17. Success Schools Bridgeport HighSouth Harrison HighLumberport Middle • The majority of student groups have: • Met the annual academic goals in mathematics and English/language arts • The school has reached its goals in attendance or graduation rates, student academic growth, student success on WESTEST 2, and learning gaps between student groups are small.

  18. County Strategic Five Year Plan Goals HARRISON COUNTY SCHOOLS Create positive learning environments Advance innovative technologies Maximize student achievement Promote family, community, & school partnerships

  19. Technology Updates • Student to Computer Ratio - 1.52 to 1 • One-to-One iPad initiative at South Harrison High School • 120 iMacs for Bridgeport, Lincoln, Robert C. Byrd, & South Harrison High • 30 additional thin clients • Increase number of Virtualized Desktop Integration licenses to 3,500 • Replacement teacher computers for math and science teachers • Replacement of original MCU for distance learning connectivity • Upgrade network backbones to single mode fiber in Bridgeport, Robert C. Byrd, and South Harrison High Schools • Replace network backbones between Johnson Elementary & Bridgeport Middle and Bridgeport High & Bridgeport Middle • Redundant load balancers for improved network performance

  20. One-to-One iPad Initiative at South Harrison High School • Implementation of 1:1 - First school in Harrison County • Electronic versions – iBooks for new Social Studies Adoption • Teachers were given professional development in technology integration in all classes

  21. Lumberport Middle School • First Design-Build School • Completion Date – December 2014 • SBA Project

  22. MIP Project for Simpson Elementary • Grant submitted October 1 • Selections will be announced in December

  23. Harrison County Schools HARRISON COUNTY SCHOOLS – Where all are leaders…and all are learners

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