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Analysing Class

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Analysing Class
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Analysing Class

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  1. Analysing Class Objectives: To use analytical skills to form clear representations of class in an extract from a contemporary costume drama

  2. Assessment Objectives Develop understanding of how to write about technical areas (m/e/c/s) to improve exam success. Or Learn from the Skins essay what to include next time

  3. Key terms anagram iceegtdinaturally occurring sound ilaoedugwhat the characters say Tpichway of describing speech potmethe speed of a piece of music Hotsvrreesehotsediting term Pjmudiscontinuous cut Rosuttingsccediting between two different scenes occurring at the same time Aysuonnorhcswhen you can hear the sound but can’t hear the source

  4. Representating age essays • Incorrect terminology (diegetic /non-diegetic) (jump cuts) • and spelling (diegetic not diagetic) • Lack of key editing explanation (shot reverse shot/ jump cuts/ crosscutting) • Lack of balance between technical areas and representation • Keyterms / negative and positive – reinforce or subvert stereotypes

  5. Shot Analysis Connotations of purity and innocence from colour design expression and ambient sound Coutertypical ‘innocent’ representation is subverted by long shot and set design now including sexually suggestive duvet

  6. Editing : How to describe? Jump Cut Suggests the more dynamic nature of the action and the character

  7. Pov shot creates identification with Tony Shot Types and Selection Close Up to emphasise stress Two shot indicates solidarity Two shot Emphasises conflict

  8. Location / sister on street /brother inside Editing Long shot of sister quietly entering Crosscut Father’s disempowerment Children’s deceit /power

  9. Three points to take away from this I realise I will have to.... I can improve in...... In the exam I will comment on.....

  10. Positioning the Audience What do you think this term means? How is this commonly achieved? How is social class signified on film? What stereotypes might we expect to see represented? What would be positive representations of different classes?

  11. Analysing Class in Bleak House • In what ways does the scene create an understanding of social class? • Which characters does the narration wish us to sympathise with or judge negatively? • In what ways does the scene create an understanding of social class? • How are the audience positioned in terms of their feelings/sympathies towards this class? • Which characters does the narration wish us to sympathise with or judge negatively? • What is enigmatic about the bearded man? • What class is Mr Guppy and how is this represented?

  12. How is social class established in the key scenes from Bleak House? Explain : the range of classes introduced how the viewer is positioned in their responses whether they offer positive or negative representations remember to cover each of m/e/c/s

  13. M (costume/expression/body language/set design/ colour design/ shot composition) E (shot reverse / screentime / pace /prioritising a character/ reaction shots) C (types of shot/ pov/ tracking/ angles) S (diegetic and non-diegetic/ score / synchronous/asynchronous/ dialogue (pitch/tone/pace) / ambient