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  1. Confluence: Using Metaphor to Deepen Understanding

  2. Today’s Learning! • Goals: I can identify & describe Bdote as a place of significance. I can use metaphor to write about a confluence in my own life. • Access Prior Knowledge: River systems (Science); Metaphors (Reading, Writing, ELA, Life!) • New Information: Bdote • Apply New Learning: Begin writing process for a narrative piece; may be prose, poetry, digital story, visual art* (*Visual art needs to be accompanied by either a written or spoken description of story depicted.) • Generalization: Set your objective for tomorrow’s writing: Continue prewriting activities? Start drafting? Get feedback from Peer Coach? This Power Point will continue following today’s activities!

  3. Our School – originally a confluence of two schools with multicultural emphases:American Indian cultures and World cultures For a time, we even had a joint name: Mounds Park All-Nations Magnet

  4. 2012 Demographics See *Note *ELL – includes students whose families speak D/Lakota, Ojibwe, Ho-Chunk, other native languages or a version of Indian English. Specialty Status for Staffing: In addition to a Minnesota Teaching License, the Eminence Credential of American Indian Language and Culture, or its equivalent is required. Preference will be given to teachers with a minor in AI studies. Consideration will be given to individuals who demonstrate education in the areas of: AI literature, AI treaties and sovereignty, historical/cultural trauma (mental health, substance abuse, diabetes), …cultural etiquette. …previous experience with AI communities will be required. This can be demonstrated through prior work experiences, volunteer work, tutoring, attendance at cultural events, and conferences/seminars.

  5. Our Mission: … we emphasize an American Indian cultural perspective to provide a high quality education for all. Our School’s Vision An intertribal dance is another type of ‘confluence’ – Indian and non-Indian are all invited to dance!

  6. L/Dakota Virtues & Ojibwe Teachings

  7. Why Bdote? Why now? WHEREAS the year 2012 is the 150th Anniversary of the Dakota-U.S. War of 1862; Whereas, much has yet to be learned about issues revolving around land, reparations and restitution, treaties, genocide, suppression of American Indian spirituality and ceremonies, suppression of Indigenous languages, bounties, concentration camps, forced marches, mass executions, and forcible removals; and… Whereas, the complete history of Minnesota must be taught from the perspective of all people that have lived it;… Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved…That every effort must be made to ensure that the Dakota perspective is presented during the year 2012-2013, through discussions at forums, events, symposia, conferences and workshops, to include the complex issues listed above;… Be It Further Resolved that the year 2012-2013 is hereby designated “The Year of the Dakota: Remembering, Honoring, and Truth-Telling,” from December 26, 2012 to December 26, 2013. [Resolutions passed by both cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul]

  8. Confluence Unit Science: water; ecosystems; Earth’s resources; human/environmental interactions; & even chemistry (metaphorically! – density, dissolving, compression, etc.) Social Studies: indigenous societies; Dakota nation; exploration, competition and trade in Upper Mississippi region; economic expansion, settlement; 1862 Conflict Literacy: Informational Text NarrativeListening,Writing: Creative ArgumentSpeaking, Reflective Digital worksViewing Research Persuasive

  9. Enduring Understandings • Bdote – genesis, center of Earth & all things, birthplace of Dakota Oyate (people); meeting place (Mendota) – annual gathering of lodges • Arrival of newcomers – Ojibwe, fur traders, settlers, soldiers, Fort Snelling, genocide • Confluence of cultures – results, positive/negative, short term/long term, etc. • Personal Confluences – events, people, ideas, etc.

  10. Resources Books • MniSotaMakoce: The Land of the Dakota by Gwen Westerman & Bruce White • North Country: The Making of Minnesota by Mary LethertWingerd • What Does Justice Look Like? The Struggle for Liberation in Dakota Homeland by Waziyatawin, Ph.D Websites • Bdote Memory Map - • Minnesota River Virtual Tour - Confluence | Minnesota River Basin: • U.S. Geological Survey at: information about river systems and related topics. • When Rivers Collide: 10 Confluences Around the World at: • Confluence Project -connections to art, other tribes:

  11. “Knowledge was inherent in all things. The world was a library…” Ota Kte / Mochunozhin Chief Luther Standing Bear Oglala Sioux (Dakota)