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A Glimpse of Our Achievers PowerPoint Presentation
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A Glimpse of Our Achievers

A Glimpse of Our Achievers

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A Glimpse of Our Achievers

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  1. A Glimpse of Our Achievers Mahlindayu bte Tarmidi @ Tokhid Job title: Lecturer Employer: Universiti Tenaga Nasional Location: Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang Academic Qualifications: Bachelor in Accounting (Hons), 2001 - UNITEN Masters in Management (Information Technology), 2004 - UPM I am currently a lecturer in the Department of Accounting, Universiti Tenaga Nasional. I teach Accounting Information system and at the same time provide in class training for MYOB accounting software. Apart of conducting classes and lectures, I am part of the Universiti website team. My cohort was the first Accounting batch. During the early days in UNITEN, we were taught by excellent local and international lecturers. We were not only equipped with formal learning, but the Universiti also encouraged and supported us for co-curriculum activities. It was a great help when we given the opportunity to learn in an English medium environment. The classes had developed my communication skills and self confidence which really helped me during my job interviews and my teaching right now. Teaching has been my passion from the very beginning. I am very interested in developing human capability and knowledge so teaching is the best path for me. Besides applying the accounting knowledge, this field had exposed me to develop myself to face challenges and human characters. Having some industry experience will benefit the class as it will expose them to the current world situations. What they need is something extra which is not written in text book, it is what we call experience. The most rewarding and motivating part of this job is to see the success and achievement of our future generation. Alumni Relations Centre “Generating Lifelong Relationships”

  2. A Glimpse of Our Achievers Chan Yee Chuann Job title: Tutor Employer: UNITEN Location: Muadzam Shah, Pahang Academic Qualifications: B. Acc (Hons.), 2009 - UNITEN I opted for this course because of my interest in this field. UNITEN had trained me to become a competent and independent person that is suited for my current job. As a tutor in Accounting Department, I handle both lecture and tutorial classes of Foundation students. My practical training for seven months was at Ernst & Young, Penang where I was attached to the audit department. I enjoy teaching students and assisting them in acquiring knowledge. The students’ excellent academic performance keeps me motivated in my job.Graduates should equip themselves with research skills as UNITEN is moving towards research-university status. The attributes of becoming an academician are having good academic track records, high discipline, good communication skills, dedication and so on. Paper qualifications is very important and is the pre-requisite in securing a job. Relevant working experience will be an added advantage in improving work performance. Alumni Relations Centre “Generating Lifelong Relationships”

  3. A Glimpse of Our Achievers Kweh Qian Long Job title: Tutor Employer: UNITEN Location: Muadzam Shah Academic Qualifications: B. Acc (Hons.) 2009 - UNITEN The reason that I chose this program is that I believe it is the most interesting topic. Yes, UNITEN, has prepared me well for my current career. Without the knowledge learnt in the classes, I would not be able to step into the working world. As a tutor I am able to transfer my knowledge to the students with ease. Teaching has been my interest for a very long time and I believe that sharing is caring. I conduct lecture and tutorial classes for the foundation students in UNITEN. Apart from that, I carry out my research project at the same time. This career has motivated me tot excel further especially in research. It provides us with the yearn to contribute to the society by closing the gap of problems that are still unsolved. Undeniably, to be qualified for the research task, a further Master Degree is needed as a platform to create a better tomorrow. I would say that the happiest moment at work is teaching the students and seeing that they obtain good grades.Managing a big group of students might be a problem sometimes as you just can’t satisfy everybody’s appetite. My advice to the current students is to study hard and smart. Do not take it for granted on whatever that you learn in the class is sufficient. Acquiring more knowledge is your weapon to do well in a career. Alumni Relations Centre “Generating Lifelong Relationships”

  4. A Glimpse of Our Achievers Nor Faizah Abd Manan Academic Qualifications: (Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Finance, 2000 Profession:Manager (Supplier Planning) Employers:Tenaga Nasional Berhad (August 2001 – September 2009) & Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) – October 2009 My academic background and current job I chose BBA (Hons) in Finance because of my interest in finance related jobs and functions. The program taught me analytical skills in performing any assigned tasks or responsibilities as well as in decision making. The university and the area of studies have successfully prepared me to manage and overcome my job challenges. I was employed by Tenaga Nasional Berhad on 1st August 2001. The biggest achievement to the organization was through my contribution and direct involvement in the taskforce for TNB submission in the Prime Minister’s Industry Excellence Award (Anugerah Kecemerlangan Industri Perdana Menteri 2007) and the National Award for Financial Management (NAFMA 2007) in which TNB won both awards. Since 1st October 2009, I was seconded to Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) through a Cross Fertilisation Program between Government and Private Sector (GLC). In this program, the selected officers in GLC (particularly TNB) are assigned to various Ministries and vice versa for a period of 1 year. The objective of this program is to expedite the learning process of potential future leaders from both the Government and Private Sector. My present functions in MOSTI among others are to facilitate the commercialisation process of invented products/technologies by local inventors (for example institution of higher learning, individual inventors) and to conduct business matching between the industries and the researchers / inventors for products with the potential to be commercialised. Be prepared for To be in a corporate world or real working life, one should be mentally and physically prepared. Mental preparation is required to react promptly within our authorities and capabilities of what we have to deliver in a specified time. Being a fast learner is very crucial. We also have to think out of the box and have a broader view to perform our functions strategically. For physical preparation, we need to have a persistent pace in performing our functions so that the deliverables are consistent. Always make sure that our mind is over our body. That means if we think we can do something, then we must do it earnestly. Valuable advice: My personal view is that, paper qualifications are just an entry point to an organization. Once we are in the organization, the attitude towards our jobs is the determinant of where we are heading in our career path. Therefore, we need to have the right attitude towards our job and think positive of all challenges that we have to encounter. We have to open our mind and soul, and willing to learn from the other people in the organization. Be passionate of what we can contribute to the organization and surely we can effectively perform our functions. Continue to strive to the best of our ability and we will surely outperform the others. Alumni Relations Centre “Generating Lifelong Relationships”

  5. A Glimpse of Our Achievers SAIYID ABDALLAH SYAKIR AL-EDRUS B. DATO’ ENGKU HASHIM AL-EDRUS Academic Qualifications: Bachelor of Accounting (Hons), 2003 Profession:Assistant Vice President / Manager - International Tax & Projects Employer:ASTRO All Asia Networks plc • Professional qualifications • Member of:- • The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) • - Professional Scheme (completed February 2008) • Chartered Accountant, Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) • Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM) (formerly Malaysian Institute of Taxation) My academic background and current job As I walked to my first accountancy class ACCB113 in June 1999, I fell in love with the subject and wanted to know more about accountancy ever since. In the third year, I took taxation class; this class was the turning point in my life. I knew from that day onwards, I will be a tax specialist, which I am today. PricewaterhouseCoopers Taxation Sdn Bhd, was my first job before I left in February 2007 to my current job. My current company, ASTRO All Asia Networks plc, is the holding company for satellite television and radio broadcasting. I manage the international companies’ tax affairs in terms of tax returns and liaise with local tax agents on companies’ tax matters within respective jurisdictions. I participate in business development activities, such as tax planning and efficiency exercise to ensure that the tax risks are managed and the tax costs are minimised. In addition to routine activities, I manage special projects such as Transfer Pricing Policy project that requires study on related transactions in the Group. I also coach executives on tax matters and mentor ACCA students in ASTRO. • My happiest moment at work • Successfully presented a Board paper to change inter-company charging policy, which the policy will be enshrined in the Group Finance manual and the charging recommendation is now being implemented. • Successful tax planning which saved the Group RM8million in taxes in relating to community activities and launching a news channel. • Be prepared for • Really, really prepare to work hard – especially for aspiring accountants in Big 4 firms, the first 4 years will be the hardest, especially when you have to work at least 12 hours a day, 7 days a week while juggling your professional qualification studies and attending to your family needs. • Criticism – Don’t take it negatively, use it to improve yourself. If the criticism is destructive, ignore it as thinking about it is very stressful. • Work stress – inevitable, but need to be managed since deadlines and commitments are integral in working life. • Valuable advice: • Passion for knowledge and continuous learning • Humble to learn from the seniors and gracious to pass on the knowledge to the juniors. • Being polite and proper goes a long way • Don’t be afraid to take challenges. • Brave to admit your mistakes and strive to improve from there. Alumni Relations Centre “Generating Lifelong Relationships”

  6. A Glimpse Of Our Achievers Name: Mohd Hafiz Abd Jamil Qualification: Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) Year of graduation: 2003 Profession: Deputy Financial Controller Company: Maersk Line, Middle East, Dubai • Achievement during Student Days: • 2003 Best Student (Gold Medallst) Overall for class of 2003 • Top Student (Vice Chancellor’s Award) – Bachelor of Accountancy • 2003 University Student’s Achievement (Leadership) Award 2000/01 • University Student’s Achievement (Volunteerism) Award 2001/02 • University Student’s Achievement (Non-Sports) Award 2001/02 • 10th MIM – Tun Razak Youth Leadership Award, • Achieved the overall Most Outstanding Leader and King of Programme • 2001 University Student’s Achievement (Leadership) Award 2000/01 • Competition Achievements: • 2002   1st Runner-Up, PNB Intervarsity Investment Games. • 2002   2nd Runner-Up, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) National Competition. • 2002   1st Runner-Up, UM-MIM National Case Study Challenge. • 2001   Champion, Uniten Business Management Competition. • Experience with Lecturers and Management: • The lecturers are primarily very ambitious and thorough during my time of study as the Accountancy Programme • is still in the midst of getting recognition by MIA as well as seeking exemptions from the international professional • bodies i.e. ACCA, CIMA. There were not many experienced lecturers from an on-the-job background but that did • not stop the graduating batch from having an impressive 80% employment ratio, which pretty much sums up the • quality of the education the lecturer's provided. Overall, all lecturers in College of Business Management and also • IKAL were always helpful and facilitated wherever possible. There were also no short of support for co-curricular • activities, which was the backbone in the shaping of students' positive personality that could not be supplied by • textbooks and lectures. • I could notre-emphasize enough of how the management/ students' affairs support in non-academic activities • played a vital part in producing a graduate full of confidence and ready to take on the world. One trait that made • it possible was the rapport with the student and empowering them to lead or participate in activities and easing • the layer of bureaucracy. Alumni Relations Centre

  7. A Glimpse Of Our Achievers Name: Irene Low May Leng Qualification: Diploma Business Studies 1 Year of graduation: 1997 Profession: Pengurusan Sumber Manusia & Perkhidmatan Pentadbiran, Bahagian Pembahagian Company: Tenaga Nasional Bhd My experience at UNITEN: After 15 years of having closed my books, never thought that I would be given the opportunity to further my studies. Thanks to TNB. Life was fun been a student at UNITEN. It was tough in the beginning especially having to do so much practice of mathematic exercises. Also, statistics was Greek to me and the constant ‘loud’ marketing concepts drummed into my head. Lastly, worrying and nightmares whether I would be able to complete these programmes successfully . Activities: Since it is more than 10 years the 1st batch of DBS graduated, it would be good if a reunion can be organize. Alumni Relations Centre

  8. A Glimpse Of Our Achievers Name: Mohd Nur Azreen Bin Arazmi Qualification: Bachelor of Finance (2007) Year of graduation: 2007 Profession: Finance Business Partner Company: Britis American Tobacco GSD My experience at UNITEN: I've always been interested in Finance because I wanted a secure career that had a strong practical bent. By the time I applied to University, I was sure Finance was what I wanted. Looking back now, the university did prepare me for my current job but not entirely 100%. My degree courses focused more on ‘how to become successful stock broker’ which is beneficial for some but not for me. My job requires me to provide strong financial support that enables ASIAPAC Customer Service Managers to monitor on-going performance of their managed services. It has been 2 wonderful years for me, and I think with the right determination and on-going company support; anyone can do it. Hence, I would like to recommend for people wishing to go into this type of work to focus more on financial statements analysis and accounting technical understanding courses. And of course... Communication skills. Alumni Relations Centre

  9. A Glimpse Of Our Achievers Name: Tan Sheah Nee Qualification: Bachelor in Accountancy (Hons.) Year of graduation: 2008 Profession: Internal Audit Executive Company: Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) My background and current job At university I pursued Bachelor in Accountancy in UNITEN with sponsorship from Yayasan TNB. I chose accountancy due to the profession itself and my interest in figure and analysis. Moreover, accounting graduate is highly demanded in the job market with various job scopes available. My background Being an internal audit executive in TNB was my first job after graduation. I used to be in external audit for 6 months during my internship program. The main reason for me to join TNB is due to my bond with TNB and secondly, the working environment. My wish was to join one of the international audit firms as my first stepping stone in order to gain as much experience I can. However, as an appreciation on the scholarship provided and to fulfil my obligation, I joined TNB internal audit department. I have no regrets as TNB provides me a good medium for learning and improvement. Postgraduate/professional qualifications I’m currently pursuing ACCA and I believe it will be a major advantage for my career advancement upon qualifying as a member. Be prepared for As an accountant, we should always update ourselves due to the changing business environment. In internal audit, we must be able to understand the operation process within a short period, willing to prepare to work for long hours, willing to travel, able to meet the deadlines given and have adequate knowledge and analytical skill. Valuable advice Firstly, you must have interest in internal audit and can identify the differences between internal and external audit as the work scope is different. Without working experience is all right, as internal audit department has steep learning curve. Having Certified Internal Auditor qualification and external audit experience from Big Fours would be added advantages. Alumni Relations Centre

  10. A Glimpse of Our Achievers Balagopal s/o Arian Academic Qualifications: Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) in Marketing, 2004 Profession:Design Engineer Employer:Toyota Alumni Relations Centre “Generating Lifelong Relationships”