mobile game development in the west vs east n.
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Mobile Game Development in the West vs. East PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile Game Development in the West vs. East

Mobile Game Development in the West vs. East

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Mobile Game Development in the West vs. East

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  1. Mobile Game Development in the West vs. East Luke Stapley – Cross Platform Please view my notes for more information

  2. Mobile Game Development Introduction • How Big is Mobile Gaming in the West? • The Differences Between Mobile Gaming and Other Gaming Platforms • How do Developers Work in the Western Game Industry • How do Publishers Work in the Western Game Industry • What Are The Profit Schemes In Western Mobile Markets • FAQ

  3. How Big is Mobile Gaming in the West • The Western Market • USA (English, Spanish) • Canada (English, French) • Australia (English) • UK (English) • Western Europe (English, French, German, Spanish)

  4. How Big is Mobile Gaming in the West? • 58% of Americans and 61% of Europeans are playing games. • Mobile Game industry will make an estimated US $22.8 billion in 2013 for North America • People spend more than 126 minutes a day using smart phone apps. • In 2012, Worldwide Smartphone users have on average 37 apps on their phone. • People using smart phones play video games on average of 14 minutes per day. (~11%) Sources: GSMA, The Mobile economy 2013;; ABI Research; ESA, Essential facts about the computer and video game industry

  5. Difference Between Mobile Gaming and Other Gaming Platforms • Console/Handheld Gaming • PC Gaming • Popular Gaming in West vs. China • MMORPG • Mobile Gaming • Amusement/Arcade Gaming

  6. Console/Handheld Gaming • Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo • Banned in China since 2000, Consoles in China are a grey market area. • Many game developers overseas use China for game assets and more recently full games. • Rumors of opening up console gaming in China are growing.

  7. PC Gaming • Gaming in the West vs. East • 68% of gamers play on a PC • Windows gaming is still King! • Most gamers buy online using Steam, Origin,,, or other means. • Gamers are playing both Indie and High-end games in all different game styles • MMORPG numbers are falling

  8. Amusement/Arcade Games • Very popular in the early 1980’s to late 1990’s has now become a niche market due to PC and Console gaming. • Very difficult market to work with in the West due to it’s low sales. • High sales now are only in Casino games for places in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

  9. Mobile Games • Mobile gaming has been increasing by 35% in the past year with over 100 million gamers. • Estimated to make $12.7 billion in the USA market in 2015 • 32% of mobile gamers pay money for games • 36% of all game players have a Smartphone. • Most players now have multiple options for playing and paying for a game (purchase, in-game ads, micro-transactions, demos) • Most OS creators are now catering to game makers to help promote their devices

  10. Mobile Market Share Source: Comscore, May 2013 U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market Share

  11. Source: Kantar Worldpanel

  12. Average Western Mobile Gamer • 83% of gamers age 11 – 35. • Nearly split among genders. • Best tracking system? Stickiness (DAU/MAU)

  13. Case Study: Puzzle and Dragons • Created by the company GungHo • Downloaded > 19 million times • Estimated $4.5 USD million/day • 2013 (est.) over $1 billion USD

  14. Is it time for Chinese companies? • The market for social and MMORPG are filling up with Chinese games • Many game companies announce interest at 2013 ChinaJoy

  15. How do Developers Work in the Western Game Industry • Getting money for your game idea • Make the game • Integration with social sites • Selling your game to the user • Monetization • Marketing

  16. Getting money for your game idea • Venture Capital • Prior Successful Game Profits • Start from Scratch

  17. Integration with social sites • Facebook • Creating cross platform play • Creating better social experiences • Adding more monetization to game makers • Twitter • Etc.

  18. Selling Your Game to the Player • Marketplaces • What is expected for a marketplace? And more…

  19. Monetization • F2P (Free to Play) • Purchasing • Direct Purchase • Demos • In-Game purchase • Cross promotion

  20. Marketing • Allow a Developer/Marketing company to market your game. • Marketing your game on your own: • Creating great name players remember and great icons for the game that helps the player want to try. • Advertise in Ad networks • Using social networks (Twitter, Facebook, BBS) • Continue retention rates (push notifications, new updates, optimize, etc.) • Watch how gamers play your game • Analytics

  21. How do Publishers Work in the Western Game Industry • What is a Publisher • What can they do for you? • Payment of game (profit sharing?) • Advertising the game • In-Game Advertisements • Etc. • What do they want?

  22. What is a Publisher? • They work with strong creators releasing games that are usually seen as better games than most self-published games • Usually will have resources that a developer may not have (User acquisition, monetization best practices, in-game sales, analytics, etc.) • Help collaborate with the developer to make the game better for the player.

  23. Publishing models in the West Two different types: • Investment of the company • Paying the company for the game with low percentage of added revenue. • Direct advisement of a project • Paying a company for creating the game through milestones.

  24. Publishers Advertising • Publishers can create their own advertising or use other sources

  25. Paid User Acquisition Source: Jameel Khalfan, Casual Connect: When Publishing Works for Free to Play Games

  26. FAQ on Western Game Development • How do advertisements work in mobile games? • Does my game have to have high tech graphics, sounds, and big teams to be successful? • Can I do licenses with my game? • What types of games do westerners play? Good game elements? • What should I look for in my game that I might not know about?

  27. My Contact Information Luke Stapley CEO, Cross Platform • QQ: 860873360 • Skype: gameaddicthotline • Email: • Website: