3 reasons to choose company sponsored cdl training n.
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3 Reasons to Choose Company-Sponsored CDL Training PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Reasons to Choose Company-Sponsored CDL Training

3 Reasons to Choose Company-Sponsored CDL Training

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3 Reasons to Choose Company-Sponsored CDL Training

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  1. 3 Reasons to Choose Company-Sponsored CDL Training Getting a truck driving job requires possession of a commercial driver’s license (CDL). There are plenty of options for getting your CDL, including enrolling in a company-sponsored training program like those offered by C.R. England through Premier Truck Driving Schools. A lot of community colleges are beginning to offer free training as well. We would never attempt to dissuade someone from getting a CDL by attending a free training course or enrolling in a private CDL school. That would be foolish on our part. Our industry is so short on drivers that it doesn’t much matter where they are trained just so long as they are trained properly. Having said that, we believe new drivers are better off choosing a company-sponsored CDL training program. There are numerous reasons for this, a few of which are explained below. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our company training should you decide it is right for you. 1. A Results Oriented Approach Community colleges and private CDL schools are not necessarily looking for the same kinds of results that company- sponsored programs are after. They are interested in more generic results, which is to say that they help students get their licenses with the general goal of guiding them into some sort of employment thereafter. They do not necessarily know where students will be employed. Some of them don’t even care. CDL training through our Premier Truck Driving Schools is different. Why? Because the desired results are different. We want new drivers trained to our high standards. We want drivers to have learned everything they need to know to be safe and efficient drivers – because they will be operating our equipment and servicing our customers! In short, we expect our drivers to be among the best trained in the country. 2. Guaranteed Employment after Training The trucking industry has created a big problem for itself. When new drivers graduate from community college or private CDL programs, they immediately start looking for work. But your average trucking company wants experienced drivers only. How is a new driver supposed to get experience when he or she cannot get a job?

  2. Choosing company-sponsored CDL training solves that problem. When you train through C.R. England, you are guaranteed a job upon completion of that training as long as you meet all our hiring requirements. We will go through all of that with you when you sign up for CDL school. If you are willing to commit to us for a certain amount of time, we might also be able to help you with tuition costs. 3. Real World, On-The-Job Training Finally, your training through C.R. England does not conclude with passing the CDL test. Rather, we put new drivers through an on-the-job training program assisted by driver trainers. This real-world training takes what drivers learned in the classroom and applies it to driving for a living. There is no better way to be trained than this. We pair new drivers with experienced driver trainers to ensure they get the best possible on-the-job training we can offer. During this final phase of training, new drivers are under the tutelage of some of the best trainers in the business. They learn everything they need to know to drive solo, backed up by real-world experience on the road. New drivers have many choices when it comes to getting a CDL. We believe training via a company-sponsored program is the best way to go. If you agree, we invite you to contact us. Let’s talk about your future as a C.R. England driver.