the importance of novodalin in cancer treatment n.
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The Importance of Novodalin in Cancer Treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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The Importance of Novodalin in Cancer Treatment

The Importance of Novodalin in Cancer Treatment

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The Importance of Novodalin in Cancer Treatment

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  1. The Importance of Novodalin in Cancer Treatment Novodalin Laetrile, also known as Vitamin B17, is well-known for its benefits in cancer treatment. However, keep in mind that this supplement is not used as primary cancer treatment. This means that if you take laetrile with other cancer treatment options like Cesium Chloride and High RF, you will benefit from it; but the vitamin alone can’t cure cancer. One treatment protocol, known as Cellect Budwig, has laetrile as a very important ingredient. Other than that, the supplement can be used with any treatment protocol. As Laetrile is a natural ingredient found in many foods, like apricot seeds, for example, it is easy to consume. How Effective is Laetrile as Cancer Treatment? As far as getting rid of cancer cells is concerned, laetrile is quite good. It also improves the immunity and in this way can help against other diseases as well. However, as many of you would know, cancer patients often die because the tumor causes a lot of harm to their normal, non-cancerous cells. Laetrile Novodalin brand does not reverse this damage and as a result, it cannot be used alone for cancer treatment. Reversal of tissue damage is an essential part of cancer treatment, and any agent that does not deal with this issue is not ideal as a sole treatment agent. Another disadvantage is that for a treatment to be successful, technical support is needed, which laetrile treatment protocol does not have. However, things are changing as more and more doctors are looking towards alternate and natural medicine. In Mexico, Laetrile is being given in IV form to cancer patients. How does the Vitamin Work? Laetrile Novodalin treatment is extremely well-known and famous. It is also very effective. You need to keep in mind, though, that the supplement has to be taken in large doses, should be taken along with other effective supplements and with a strict anti-cancer diet.

  2. Novodalin acts on cancer cells and destroys the. It also strengthens the body’s own immunity, thus making the body stronger to fight the disease. From Where Can You Get Laetrile? FDA has not approved using Laetrile as anti-cancer agent, and as a result the supplement cannot simply be bought from a pharmacy. This is unfortunate because not only is it effective, it also does not have any known serious adverse effects; it is, after all, a natural ingredient. If you want to purchase Laetrile, you have to look online. You will find it in one of three forms: • Apricot kernels (commonest) • Laetrile pills Novodalin 500 mg and Novodalin 100 mg • Liquid laetrile (least common) Apricot has a hard shell in its middle, which has an almond-like kernel inside it, which is soft and rich in laetrile. You can buy the kernel itself from several online sellers Dose: For anti-cancer benefits, eat 24-40 kernels per day. If you are in remission, you should eat 16 or more kernels per day. If you take laetrile in the form of pills, take them with a glass of water, along with your food. Other Sources of Laetrile: • Millet grain and buckwheat grain (the wholegrain, not the bread made from them) • Seeds of red and black raspberries. Raspberries also have Ellagic Acid, which also has anti-cancer properties • Peach kernels. • Seeds of most fruits (barring citrus fruits like lemons) • Lima beans

  3. • Bean sprouts Mechanism of Action: When Laetrile Novodalin b17 enters the body it breaks into hydrogen cyanide, benzaldehyde and glucose. Benzaldehyde is the component that brings about the death of cancer cells. Laetrile has to be taken in high doses because in the body, first it is broken down by an enzyme known as “rhodanase”, which is produced by healthy cells. As a result, laetrile is made ineffective before it can even act on cancer cells. If dose is high enough and the supplemet is taken for a long time, there will be more chances of it acting first on cancerous cells enzymes (beta-glucosidase) and hence it will have its effect. Specific diet is required to make laetrile work, which causes an increase of two enzymes in the bosy namely trypsin and chymotrypsin. These enzymes further break down the cancer enzymes, so white blood cells can better attack and destroy cancer cells. Diet: The best laetrile diet is the “Raw Foods Diet.” A modified version of this diet is the Binzel diet, but that is not as good as Raw Food Diet because it does not include several fruits and vegetables which are rich in anti-cancer nutrients. You have to modify the Raw Food Diet so it includes laetrile rich foods. For example, consume a greater amount of nuts and fruit seeds. You should also take other supplemenets like: • Metallic minerals like zinc, magnesium, manganese and selenium • Vitamins like Vitamin C, A, E, B6, 9 and 12. Body Flex AM is a supplement which has all of these nutrients; however the quantity of Vitamin A and C is less and you have to add these to your diet.

  4. 90 for Life is another supplement which contains all important nutrients. Created by Dr. Joel Wallach, it is also rich in Vitamin D and anti-oxidants. You should also be taking chymotrypsin and trypsin i.e. the pancreatic enzymes, in your diey. Binzel diet adds these ingredients but if you are on the Raw Foods Diet, you need to take them as supplements. Zinc and Other Minerals: Zinc is necessary for the transport of laetrile into tissues, and therefore is needed for laetrile to have its effect. Vitamin A, B, C and selenium are needed to improve the body’s immunity. One pill of Vitamin B 15 should also be taken after each meal. Binzel Diet: This diet contains beans, nuts and grains (plant sources) as they are a source of protein. However, Cottage cheese is not allowed as it is an animal source and reduces the levels of free pancreatic enzymes. Buckwheat Protocol: For this anti-cancer protocol, you need to eat: 1. Buckwheat porridge thrice a day. Cook half a cup of raw, organic Buckwheat and then add olive oil, 2 tbsp to make this porridge. 2. Mix one part each of wholegrain Buckwheat foulr, crushes lentils and rose hip berries. Add one soup spoon of boiled water. Consume this mixture 30 minutes before every meal. 3. 4 glasses of water and 4 glasses of juice should be drunk every day. The juice should be made with 3 parts berry juice and one part pineapple, blackberry, raspberry, current or citrus fruit juice. 4. Drink green tea or ginger tea an hour after you eat the porridge. Use raisins as a sweeterner. 5. 8 foodstuffs from Dirt Cheap Protocol should be added. Warning and Caution:

  5. 1. Low BP: The metabolism of laetrile forms Hydrogen Cyanide., by the enzyme glucosidase. HCN is then acted upon by the enzyme rhodanase to form thiocyanate, which can cause lowering of blood pressure. 2. Blood Thinning: Pancreatic enzymes can cause blood thinning, and so if you are taking them you should not be on any blood-thinning medication without consulting your doctor. Also keep in mind the dose of pancreatic enzymes as overdose can ause blood thinning. 3. Probiotics: Probiotics can increase HCN production in people taking laetrile, and thus may be harmful 4. Bob Beck Protocol: Laetrile should not be taken along with the elecromedical devices of the Bob Beck Protocol, like the blood purifier. You can take laetrile at the end of the day when the electromedical devices for the day have ended. 5. Other Treatments: Always read the warnings on your treatments if you are trying to combine laetrile with another alternate treatment plan so you do not end up taking things that oppose each other. End Note: In the end, don’t forget that laetrile treatment is not primary cancer treatment. It strengthens the body and acts as a great supplement in cancer management. However, do not rely on this solely. You need some other primary treatment plan, with laetrile being taken to add to its benefits.