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Jemma Wilson

Jemma Wilson

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Jemma Wilson

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  1. Jemma Wilson What I will be doing next term….

  2. Ideas….. • I like the idea of script writing, and wouldn’t mind advancing in this as career. So looking at some form of work experience in this sector. • I have thought about becoming a Teacher for some time and I think this is defiantly the direction I would like to go in. So getting some work experience in Schools and preferably watching over some Media or Film related classes. • Enterprise project, writing some monologues or screen plays of my own back and then creating a film from it. Developing a decent portfolio, for my assignment as well as for myself.

  3. Next year assignment plan… So after a lot of thought, I know my career goal is to be a teacher, I would preferably love to go into higher education. Teach Film at A-level in particular, but as this a niche sector, I have to give myself other options. So I plan on doing my PGCE after University and to this I need a minimum of 10 days working in a school environment. So next term I’m going to get a few days in a primary school, a few days in a high school and a few days in a college. From this I will have plenty to write about and compare. I will aim to get it as close to Media and Film as possible so it is also relevant to the course. During this time, I will also make a portfolio of photographs, references and notes I have made whilst working in a school, also supported by a blog.

  4. How to get the experience First of, I have been pretty lucky as my mum and stepdad are teachers, so it will be very easy for me to get classroom experience in her school. However I know a school at home that teaches Media at GCSE level, so I would hopefully be able to get work there. For Primary and college I am going to send a professional tailored email to the head teachers, enquiring about doing once a week classroom assistant work. Finally I am hoping to join the Outreach ambassador scheme at MMU as well as Reach out, which both supply days out to schools, and help at community groups, in which I will be involved in.

  5. To conclude • With all of the above being successful I feel I will be able to write an enthusiastic report on my work experience project, as well as include aspects for my future, and supplying a summarising portfolio, with tips, photographs, interviews and references. • I think all in all the experience will benefit me for my assignment as well as for my future aspirations, as it is a bonus for my PGCE course.

  6. Thank you for listening