resiliency in farewell to manzanar n.
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Resiliency in Farewell to Manzanar PowerPoint Presentation
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Resiliency in Farewell to Manzanar

Resiliency in Farewell to Manzanar

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Resiliency in Farewell to Manzanar

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  1. Resiliency in Farewell to Manzanar By Karen Craig English 11

  2. Materials • Copies of Farewell to Manzanar • Computers with Internet access • Reading Response Journals • Pens • Writing Assignment

  3. INTRODUCTION What is resiliency? Well…. Have you ever had a major problem in your life and part of you wanted to run and hide from this problem, but instead you dug in and worked out the problem? That is being Resilient.

  4. Qualities of a Resilient Person • Possess Problem Solving Skills and Coping Strategies • Have an Optimistic view of life • Approach life from a proactive perspective • Feel like they can control their environment • Possess a sense of humor • Are able to empathize with others

  5. Before Reading: We can see resiliency in action through the novel of Farewell to Manzanar. Farewell to Manzanar is the story of the Watatuski family during the time of the Japanese Internment. Find out more about the Japanese Internment by completing the Scavenger Hunt and putting your answers in your journal. Click here.

  6. During Reading: • Read Part I of Farewell to Manzanar. • Choose one of the following characters to follow throughout the story and in your journal keep a running track on any resilient qualities that that character portrays. Jeanne, Mama, Papa, Woody Answer the following questions in your journal about Part I Click herefor questions

  7. During Reading continued…. Read Book II Chapter 12-21 During this part of the book the family shows many ways that they are resilient. In your journal, write a paragraph on how your character continues to show resiliency. Give at least three examples of the character’s resilience.* Click here to answer questions based on Book II, put answers in your journal * If necessary, refer to qualities of a resilient person.

  8. Post Reading ActivitiesHaiku Poetry Haiku Poetry is a form of poetry developed by the Japanese. Click hereto learn more about Haiku and read some poems. Then staying with your character and the idea of resiliency, try to write a haiku about your character. You may either post it on the web site or write it in your journals.

  9. Beyond Reading Choose one of the following options to extend your knowledge of resiliency in the Japanese culture. For each writing assignment, include where you see resiliency. • Watch the movie, Snow Falling on Cedars and write a review of the movie as if you were critiquing it for the school newspaper • Read the poem “Sleep in the Mojave Desert” by Sylvia Plath and write a reaction paper to this poem. • Read the essay I remember Pearl Harbor: Dealing with the‘Problem Race’’ by Charles Shiro Inouye and find out why the writer considers the bill for reparation to the internees a significant milestone in our nation’s history.

  10. Before Reading 5- Students will complete the entire scavenger hunt 4- Students will complete 6-7 questions of the scavenger hunt 3- Students will complete 5-4 questions of the scavenger hunt 2- Students will complete 3-2 questions of the scavenger hunt 1- Students will answer 0-1 questions of the scavenger hunt During Reading 5- Students will complete 100% of the questions 4- Students will complete more that 75% of the questions 3- Students will complete at least 50% of the questions 2- Students will complete at least 25% of the questions 1- Students will complete at least 10% of the questions RUBRICS

  11. After Reading 5-Haiku poem related to overall theme, has fresh words, creates a vivid image and follows the 5-7-5 format 4- Haiku somewhat related to the theme, a few fresh words and follows the 5-7-5 format 3- Haiku’s theme is a stretch, ordinary words, follows the 5-7-5 format 2- Haiku is a bit vague, ordinary words almost follows the 5-7-5 format 1- Haiku is completely unrelated, inappropriate word choice and did not follow the 5-7-5 format Beyond Reading 5-Submits a paper completely free of grammatical errors, follows the 5 sentence paragraph format and completely addresses the question 4- Submits a paper free of errors, follows the 5 paragraph format, but does not address the subject thoroughly 3- Submits a paper with 3-5 errors, does not completely follow the 5 paragraph format and somewhat addressed the topic 2- Submits a paper with 5-8 errors, not following the 5 paragraph format, and somewhat addressed th topic 1- Submits a paper with 10 or more errors, not following the 5 paragraph format and not on topic. Rubrics continued….