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Personal Development Spiritual Development Checklist PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal Development Spiritual Development Checklist

Personal Development Spiritual Development Checklist

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Personal Development Spiritual Development Checklist

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  2. Answer each of the Questions below, then add up all your NO responses. Make a note of the total. Identify the issues, challenges and obstacles that are holding you back and preventing you from achieving the goals you want in life. Answer each of the questions below, add up your total NO responses then, get in touch. YES NO Do you know your net value? Do you know your true debt position, how much you really owe and to whom? Do you know the true value of the talents, skills, and knowledge you offer? Do you feel great about yourself and your current circumstances? Do you have clarity on what you feel, think and want? Are you able to say “NO” firmly and kindly to family/friends without feeling guilty? Do you look forward to going to work every morning? Are you free from financial stress, worry or pressure? Do you read a wide variety of books to stimulate thinking, feeling & awareness? Have you written a life plan or personal action plan? Are your mental, physical, spiritual and financial goals clearly defined? Are you on good speaking terms/in harmony with all members of your family? Are you good at quickly coming up with solutions to problems, quickly? Have you achieved everything you want to be, do or have in your life? Is your home/place of work clean, tidy & free from clutter, or uncompleted tasks? Do you know what is preventing you from achieving the results you want? Do you have a method, plan or process for dealing with obstacles and challenges? Do you genuinely feel you get paid/recognised/valued for what you are really worth? Do you have adequate explore the “real you” do the things you want to do? Have you set up the pension, passive income or retirement plan that you need? Do you have a personal coach to encourage motivate & support you? Are you comfortable operating in an environment of chaos, doubt & uncertainty? Do you have a wide network of friends, and colleagues to bring you opportunities? Do you feel as though you’re living on purpose & making a difference in the world? Do you invest 10% of your monthly income? Do you donate or give away 10% of your monthly income? Do you have 10% of your monthly income spare at the end of each month? Do you know what would make the biggest difference in your life? For your life to change for the better, do you know what changes you need to make? Are you generally full of life, bursting with zest and enthusiasm? Are all tasks that you’ve asked others to complete, finished, and up-to-date? Are you in the same or better shape of health & well being as you were 12 mths ago? Is your home or car free from requiring repair or overdue maintenance? Do you wish things to continue the way they are at the moment? Do you want next year to be the same as last year & face the same challenges? Would you like a free confidential Chat to discuss your score and available options? Your Score: